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Niloy, Heme duo in over a hundred dramas

Staff Correspondent
17 Sep 2023 19:36:24 | Update: 17 Sep 2023 19:36:24
Niloy, Heme duo in over a hundred dramas
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In the current Bangladeshi drama, the duo of popular actors Niloy Alamgir and beloved actress Jannatul Sumaiya Heme has garnered significant attention. This dynamic pair has acted in over a hundred productions, demonstrating their versatility and skill across various genres including romantic comedies and family dramas.

 Niloy and Heme first captured the hearts of audiences with their performances in the play "Biyer Porikkha," directed by Aador Shohag. Following this success, they went on to act together in a series of hit dramas including "Akash Ekhon America", "Amra Gorib", "African Guest", "Hobu Ghor Jamai", "Golar Kata", "Deshi Murgi", "Jamai Shoshur 420", "Poran Pakhi", "Family Trouble", "Made in China", "Political Love," among many others.

Niloy-Heme's popularity is not solely based on viewership ratings but also on the genuine affection and appreciation they receive from their audience. In a recent development, Niloy Alamgir and Jannatul Sumaiya Heme have wrapped up their latest project, "Same to Same," written and directed by Adibasi Mizan, a play that delves into the lives of indigenous communities.

Niloy expressed his gratitude, stating, "Our first taste of audience popularity came with the play 'Biyer Porikkha.' Since then, we've been fortunate enough to have the backing and encouragement of viewers, which has propelled us to act in one production after another. We never imagined that we would be fortunate enough to work in so many dramas together."

Heme added, "I am immensely thankful to Allah that Niloy and I have had the opportunity to act in so many productions. The gratitude and love from the audience are immeasurable. It is their support that has allowed us to be a celebrated pair in numerous plays. In the future, we aspire to work on even more captivating stories."

While both actors are humbled by their popularity, they also find pride in having their names recognised as a pair. As Heme mentioned, "Being recognised as a pair alongside Niloy is truly heartwarming. Hearing names like Razzak-Kobori, Salman-Shabnoor, who were iconic pairs in the industry, and now having our names mentioned alongside them, is a great honor."