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Parambrata teams up with Sreya for Tagore's ‘Shesher Kobita’

Staff Correspondent
05 Apr 2024 19:16:15 | Update: 06 Apr 2024 19:13:30
Parambrata teams up with Sreya for Tagore's ‘Shesher Kobita’
— Courtesy Photo

In 1919, the great poet Rabindranath Tagore visited Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, India. It was there that he wrote the novel "Shesher Kobita," which tells the story of Amit and Labannya.

The novel has been adapted for various media in both Bengal. In the latest adaptation, Bangladeshi Dr Sreya Sen has collaborated with Channel i and "Bowner Dighi Studio" to present a unique novel interpretation.

The project features a combination of poetry recitation and photoshoot, with Dr Sen herself reciting select verses from the novel. The photographs, taken by Fouzia Jahan of "Boner Dighi Studio," capture the essence of the characters and their relationships.

Popular Kolkata actor Parambrata Chatterjee portrays Amit, while Dr. Sen plays Labannya. Sashwat Dutt appears as Shobhon Lal.

Dr. Sen shared her thoughts on the project, saying, "I initially planned this project with Fouzia. We wanted to do something different based on Tagore's 'Shesher Kobita.' Initially, we wanted a Bangladeshi actor to play Amit. However, due to various logistical issues, we eventually approached Parambrata. He graciously gave us three days of his time for this project. We were truly impressed by his dedication and professionalism."

"Although I am a doctor by profession, I am also involved in poetry recitation and translation. It had been a long-time dream of mine to work on 'Shesher Kobita,' and it finally came true," she added.

Parambrata expressed his own connection to Bangladesh and said, "My relationship with Bangladesh is not professional, but rather familial. My aunt is a citizen here, so I have a long-standing connection with Bangladesh. I have come here before to act in films. This time, however, the project is a completely new experience. It is a photo story, telling the story through images. I applaud Fouzia and Sreya for their innovative concept."

Notably, Dr Sreya Sen is the daughter of Preeti Chakraborty, Chairperson of Universal Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, and the niece of Dr Ashish Kumar Chakraborty, Managing Director of the hospital.