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Prachyanat to bring ‘Lal Jatra’ marking back night of March 25

Staff Correspondent
24 Mar 2024 19:28:58 | Update: 24 Mar 2024 19:28:58
Prachyanat to bring ‘Lal Jatra’ marking back night of March 25
File Photo of last year— Courtesy Photo

Prachyanat School of Acting and Design will bring out a procession titled ‘Lal Jatra’ on the Dhaka University campus today, to commemorate the black night of March 25, 1971.

Concept by Rahul Ananda, the procession will begin from the Swoparjita Swadhinata Chatwar adjacent to the Teacher-Student Centre of Dhaka University and will end at the Smrity Chirantan Chatwar on Fuller Road.

 ‘Laal Jatra’ is a rally that commemorates the Bengalis who were killed in the dead of night on March 25, 1971, by the Pakistani Army, marked as one of the most inconsiderate mass killings ever occurred in world history. Prachyanat tributes this rally to those souls, whose demise on the dreadful ‘Kaalratri’ brought about the announcement of Independence of Bangladesh on March 26, 1971. This rally is an open event and anyone from any wing of art and work can join and sing along ‘Dhana Dhanya Pushpe Vora’ with the members of Prachyanat while following the symbolic figure of ‘the mother’.

‘Laal Jatra’ has been performed regularly at the Dhaka University premises on 25th March afternoon since 2011.