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Quota system should be abolished at all levels: Sohel Rana

Staff Correspondent
09 Jul 2024 19:19:06 | Update: 09 Jul 2024 19:19:06
Quota system should be abolished at all levels: Sohel Rana
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Agitations have been raging nationwide for the past few days in demand for abolishing the quota system in government jobs. On Monday, as part of a program called 'Bangla Blockade' to demand quota reforms, protesters blockaded Shahbagh, Hotel InterContinental intersection, Banglamotor, Karwan Bazar, Gulistan Zero Point, Matsya Bhaban intersection, Neelkhet intersection, Science Lab intersection, Farmgate and Agargaon in the capital Dhaka.

Famous actor and freedom fighter Sohel Rana expressed solidarity with the students' demands. The actor took to his verified Facebook profile on Monday afternoon to express his views.

Actor Sohel Rana wrote, "Why are the names of freedom fighters being repeated over and over again? It has been 53 years since the country's independence. If another 12 years is added to that, their age becomes 65. At this age, surely no one tries for a job or admission to school-college. It is an insult to the freedom fighters that their children have to get jobs and admissions in the quota system for their fathers."

He wrote, "They will get admitted on their merit, take exams and give interviews for jobs. We, the freedom fighters, never wanted such opportunities. Giving such opportunities to our children is just a mockery of respect. What have you done for them except give them honorariums?

“You have cried for them, but they have not been given any opportunity in anything from dress to medical treatment or transportation. So we never wanted anything. We did what was necessary to liberate the country at the behest of the Father of the Nation. Everyone in the country demands that this quota system be abolished at all levels."

A little later, in another status, the actor wrote, "Even if you cultivate, you get a CIP card. The freedom fighters who fought for the country are also given a card, but it is not of any use anywhere; not VIP or CIP. Are we not the best sons of the nation?"

Protests are taking place across Bangladesh demanding the abolition of the quota system in government jobs.