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Rafi’s web series ‘Black Money’ coming to Bongo

Staff Correspondent
04 Jul 2024 18:34:58 | Update: 04 Jul 2024 19:23:11
Rafi’s web series ‘Black Money’ coming to Bongo
Director Raihan Rafi and Bongo's Chief Content Officer Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu signed a contract at Bongo’s office on Wednesday —Courtesy

Raihan Rafi's “Toofan” is still at the top of the discussion in the country. The film, starring Shakib Khan has been a success in Bangladesh and is now making waves internationally as well. Amidst it, filmmaker Rafi has given a piece of good news.

Now, Rafi's new web series "Black Money" is coming to Bongo. A contract was recently signed between Rafi and Bongo's Chief Content Officer Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu.

Rafi has done some work on the country's OTT platforms. In this context, director Rafi said, "'Black Money' is my first work with Bongo. It is very different from the kind of stories I usually try to tell on screen. I am very happy to be able to work on such a project with Bongo."

Regarding Rafi's first work “Black Money” on Bongo, Manzu said, "Rafi has proved his uniqueness and ability with his very first work, “Poramon 2”. I have been fascinated by Rafi since then. Later, we acquired the digital distribution rights to “Poramon 2” and “Dahan”. To be honest, I was not surprised by the unprecedented success of Rafi's “Toofan” at home and abroad. This moment is very important for the content industry of the country. Another success like “Hawa” was needed for us."

“Rafi told me the story of Black Money at the beginning of this year, and in continuation of that, our first work with Rafi, ‘Black Money’, was signed on July 2. We at Bongo are very optimistic about it. I believe that ‘Black Money’ will be as well-received by the audience as all of Rafi's successful works, and Bengali content will go one step further at home and abroad," he added.

Some of Bongo's popular content includes "Female 4", "Osomoy", "Love Stories", "Hotel Relax" and "Shark Tank Bangladesh." In addition, Bongo has T-Sports, where viewers can watch all the popular tournaments in the world, such as Copa America, Euro Cup, etc.