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Remove Aly Hasan’s song ‘Nana Nati’ from YouTube: HC

Staff Correspondent
08 Jul 2024 18:46:55 | Update: 08 Jul 2024 18:46:55
Remove Aly Hasan’s song ‘Nana Nati’ from YouTube: HC

The song "Nana Nati" has stirred controversy this Eid-ul-Azha. Aly Hasan, the writer and singer, explains that the song communicates powerful messages through the characters Nana and Nati.

Marzuk Russel, a renowned actor, voices the character Nana (grandfather) in the song while Aly voices the character Nati (grandson).

As a result, the High Court has ordered the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to take down the song from YouTube. The High Court issued this order on Monday and has also issued a rule regarding this matter.

Before this, a legal notice was sent to Aly Hasan. The notice, sent by Advocate Faheem Hasnain, the Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP) of Sherpur District Judge's Court, required the removal of the line "Bortomane court e bichar chole note," deemed as contemptuous, within 15 days.

Additionally, it demanded that Aly Hasan publicly apologise online. Failure to comply would result in legal action. The rap song "Nana Nati" was released on the night of June 16 in celebration of Eid-ul-Azha and has rapidly gained popularity.

Produced by Pran Jhalmuri, the song delves into the social contexts of Bangladesh's past and present. Nana narrates stories from his era, highlighting past social norms and living standards, while Nati represents the current situation.