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Israel-Palestine conflict

Seeing all this breaks my heart: Jaya

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20 Nov 2023 18:18:00 | Update: 20 Nov 2023 18:20:58
Seeing all this breaks my heart: Jaya
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Bangladeshi actress Jaya Ahsan, celebrated for her exceptional performances, has once again demonstrated her commitment to humanitarian causes. The five-time National Film Award-winning actress recently took to social media to express her anguish over the conflict in war-torn Palestine.

On Sunday morning, November 19, on her verified Facebook page, Jaya posted a status highlighting the distressing situation in Palestine. In her post, she wrote, "I see pictures of Palestine online, in newspapers, on television. Bombs are falling on innocent people. The attack is even happening in hospitals."

Expressing her deep concern, she added, "I saw a picture where everyone in a family had died, and one person was sitting in front of their lifeless bodies. More than 11,000 people have died so far, with over 4,000 children among them. Seeing all this breaks my heart."

Jaya continued, "Once again, I gather myself and engage in work. I am preparing for the release of a new film, contributing to award ceremonies, and getting ready for the upcoming Goa Film Festival. It feels like a crime – our lives are going on, but every moment they are facing death. Their helplessness breaks my heart."

In her concluding remarks, the acclaimed actress pleaded for an end to the violence, saying, "Stop this massacre. Let the children play in the fields, beneath the palm trees. Let these people return to their homes beyond their own borders. Can't the powerful people of the world come together for their survival? Is this too much to ask?"

Jaya's poignant statements have garnered widespread support from her admirers and well-wishers, many of whom share her sentiments. With her powerful words, she has called for an end to the attacks by the Israeli forces, resonating with the collective plea for peace in the region.