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Super Mario Bros full trailer revealed

30 Nov 2022 19:32:47 | Update: 30 Nov 2022 20:11:04
Super Mario Bros full trailer revealed

The latest trailer for the Super Mario Bros feature film, revealed Wednesday, gives fans a revelatory glimpse at the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

Nintendo and Universal Pictures released the full-length trailer for The Super Mario Bros., providing the best look yet at the animated film.

While fans were treated to a teaser trailer this past October, the full trailer ups the ante spectacularly, revealing the extent of the film’s call-outs to the iconic game franchise.

The trailer shows Mario facing off with Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and teaming up with brother Luigi before embarking on a visually spectacular adventure that clearly evokes details that will have gamers freaking out.

Indeed, Mario can even be shown flying in his Super Mario Bros 3 Tanooki raccoon suit. As if that wasn’t enough, the clip culminates with another surreal onscreen representation of Mario and company racing go-karts. That’s right, the film features a Super Mario Kart sequence!

Based on the hit Nintendo video game series, Super Mario Bros finds the titular plumber transported to a fantastical world. While the film has been in the works since 2017, fans have only gotten their first taste of things to come in the past few months.

These include Chris Pratt’s starring role as the voice of Mario himself, which has been largely derided by fans online who believe that Nintendo and Illumination should have cast long-time Mario voice actor Charles Martinet in the role.

Pratt previously opened up about his work on the film, noting, “I worked really closely with the directors and trying out a few things and landed on something that I’m really proud of and can’t wait for people to see and hear.”