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Tuhin Kanti Das releases first solo ‘Sondhya Namilo Shyam’

Staff Correspondent
23 Apr 2024 19:23:12 | Update: 23 Apr 2024 19:23:12
Tuhin Kanti Das releases first solo ‘Sondhya Namilo Shyam’
— Courtesy Photo

Tuhin Kanti Das, a former student of Dhaka University, has debuted his first solo album titled “Sondhya Namilo Shyam”.

Tuhin and others associated with this album organised a launching ceremony on this occasion at Bakulatala in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Dhaka last Friday.

The album contains four songs, including the title track “Sondhya Namilo Shyam”. The other three songs are “Asmaner-o Chand”, “Dorodiya”, and “Hariye Ter Pai”.

This title track is now available on Facebook and YouTube. The other three songs will be available soon.

Apart from singing the songs on the album, Tuhin also wrote and composed them.

Tuhin previously composed and wrote lyrics for several songs, including the popular song “Chander Gari” by the Folk-Fusion band Krishnapaksha.

After the release of the song “Sondhya Namilo Shyam”, many listeners including musician Ahmed Hasan Sunny expressed their admiration.

A listener named Shahriar Shamim also wrote, “I listened to the song at least 30 times all through the day.”

Music arrangements for the album have been done by young music director Sohan Ali. The official music video for “Sondhya Namilo Shyam” was produced by Syeda Neelima Dola, while Tanmoy Pal Rajat was the creative producer. Nanjiba Torsa and Khalid Mahmud Saad starred in the music video.