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Zahir Raihan’s family refuses completion of 'Let There Be Light'

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08 Apr 2024 20:11:33 | Update: 08 Apr 2024 20:11:33
Zahir Raihan’s family refuses completion of 'Let There Be Light'

In a resurfacing of tensions surrounding the unfinished film project "Let There Be Light" by renowned filmmaker Zahir Raihan, his family has issued a staunch statement opposing its completion by any other director.

Zahir Raihan's son, Anol Raihan, reiterated the family's unwavering stance, stating, "Even if Martin Scorsese wants to finish this incomplete film, I will not grant that permission!"

This declaration follows Anol's recent Facebook post, where he questioned the necessity of completing the film and whether another filmmaker could capture his father's unique vision adequately.

Anol emphasised the historical significance of his father's work, highlighting its irreplaceable value to Bengali cinema. He expressed concerns about the proposed completion of "Let There Be Light," a project initiated by Zahir Raihan over 55 years ago.

While Raihan was known for politically charged filmmaking with projects like "Stop Genocide", "Let There Be Light" was intended as an independent cinematic expression of his political philosophy.

Anol clarified that the film possesses its own distinct artistic and cinematic language entirely crafted by Zahir Raihan's vision. "Even if the film had a written script, I will never grant permission to anyone to finish this film," he asserted.

Previously, the Bangladeshi Film Archive organized a public screening of selected raw footage from "Let There Be Light," prompting Anol's objections.

He insisted that the entire film, including unedited shots, should be showcased, arguing that it holds immeasurable value for future film students and cinephiles.