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e-marketplace ‘Fabric Lagbe’ to revolutionise apparel sector

Miraj Shams
10 Jan 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 10 Jan 2022 17:14:52
e-marketplace ‘Fabric Lagbe’ to revolutionise apparel sector

Nstar Group’s new e-commerce marketplace ‘Fabric Lagbe’, scheduled for launch tomorrow, will allow people to buy and sell clothes, yarn and accessories at fair prices without any hassle.

The e-marketplace for apparel products and services will bridge backward linkage small industries and big industries in textiles and readymade garment sectors.

It will facilitate the issuance and acceptance of work orders for RMG, textiles, yarn, cotton, trims and accessories, sizing, dyeing processing, chemicals, machinery, trade, supply and factory recruitment of necessary work orders and employees.

Entrepreneurs can find the right product and workforce. The marketplace will make goods sales easier and help unemployed workers find jobs.

The garment industry has flourished in Bangladesh. The main components of which are cloth and yarn. So the demand for cloth and yarn is gradually increasing. Many unscrupulous traders are taking advantage of this widespread demand.

‘Fabric Lagbe’ will reduce manipulation and help make garments products through multiple uses of fabrics.

“The mobile app is being launched for the first time in the country with the facility of cheap and hassle-free supply and receipt of products and services used in the textile and readymade garments industries. Entrepreneurs will get access to textile and garment products and services through this platform,” Abu Bakar Siddik, senior executive Fabric Lagbe Limited, told The Business Post.

He said that this service would initially be provided free of cost. Later, commissions will be charged for selling goods and other services. Buyers and sellers will negotiate prices through the platform. The seller will deliver the goods on time as per the order and receive payment directly from the buyer.

Bakar said those who make yarn and cloth often don’t get fair prices because they cannot find the right buyers. On the other hand, buyers take a long time to find the right sellers or manufacturers.

“The app will help buyers and sellers connect seamlessly and create more opportunities for the apparel sector,” he told The Business Post.