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Tk3-4 lakh bribe taken for outsourcing recruitment at Maddhapara Granite Mining

Ashraful Islam Raana
24 Nov 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 24 Nov 2022 00:22:17
Tk3-4 lakh bribe taken for outsourcing recruitment at Maddhapara Granite Mining
Trucks stand in front of a pile of granite chips at Maddhapara Granite Mining Co in Dinajpur – Courtesy Photo

Despite no vacancy, a syndicate is allegedly taking Tk 3,00,000 to Tk 3,50,000 from jobseekers in the name of giving jobs at Maddhapara Granite Mining Company Limited (MGMCL) through outsourcing in Dinajpur.

Locals claimed that several corrupt officials of MGMCL and a newly appointed outsourcing manpower recruitment contractor Radisson Digital Technology Limited were involved in the racket.

Besides, an outgoing outsourcing recruiter contractor M/S Selim Brothers took around Tk3,00,000 to 4,00,000 each from some job aspirants who are yet to get appointments.

The local agents of Selim Brothers are now active with the newly appointed company, several victims as well as some MGMCL officers said.

However MGMCL authorities and contractor Radisson denied the allegation.

Nur Mahmud Hossain, a Deputy General Manager (admin) of MGMCL, told The Business Post: “We have still no vacancy announcement. We will give an announcement when we go for recruitments through the contractor. We will take action if we receive any written complaint of fake recruitment.”

However, The Business Post learned that at least 10 job seekers had been contracted by the Radisson’s local agents.

They have been promised with jobs for a bribe of Tk3,00,000 to 4,00,000 each and those job seekers have already paid Tk50,000 to Tk1,00,000 each in advance, but yet to secured a position.

Md Rafiqul Islam, a local resident of Maddhapara village, told this correspondent over phone that he had paid Tk50,000 to a local agent of Radisson in Rangpur’s Badarganj Upazila.

The state-owned MGMCL is the only hard rock mining company in the country located in Dinajpur’s Parbatipur Upazila. The company is being run by Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla).

The MGMCL authorities said they recruited computer operators, attendants, security guards, driver, helpers, etc. through outsourcing.

There are 120 temporary positions of 20th grade pay scale for outsourcing recruitment at MGMCL and 79 are already working there. The authorities can retrench them at any time, according to the job contract.

MGMCL does not recruit them directly and they were selected by a third party for two years. In last September, Radisson Digital Technologies Limited based in the capital’s Karwanbazarare was awarded the tender.

MGMCL says they offer Tk20,000 to Tk20,500 to an employee depending upon their position.

According to the contract, the contractor takes care of the salary and allowances of 120 workers. After paying 5 per cent to the contractor, an employee’s regular wage stands at Tk16,500.

Several officials said previously MGMCL hired workers itself. At that time Harirampur’s local resident and DGM of MGMCL Manowar Hossain Shah was reportedly involved in widespread irregularities and corruption in the process of recruitment.

As corruption was proved, he was later demoted to the post of manager from that of the DGM.

Since then, MGMCL has been appointing contract companies. In 2020, M/S Selim Brothers was awarded the tender to supply manpower. Selim Brothers has already supplied 79 workers.

Mahbubul Alam, General Manager (accounts) of MGMCL, told The Business Post that M/S Selim Brothers have recruited manpower through massive irregularities and corruption.

“We had a condition that the selected employee will have to deposit Tk20,000 as security money before getting the appointment letter. But M/S Selim Brothers, in association with Harirampur UP Chairman Mojahidul Islam, took Tk3,00,000-4,00,000 from everyone, but could not provide them with jobs.

However, many have complained that GM Mahbubul Alam is also involved in corruption.

Radisson Digital Technologies Limited Chairman Delowar Hossain Faruk did not respond when contacted about the complaint.

Later, Radisson’s Assistant Manager Tariqul Islam told The Business Post that 79 workers were already working at the mining company and the remaining 41 would be hired when more vacancies would be created based on the demand.

“We have not asked for people yet and so we are not committing any corruption,” he defended.

This correspondent tried to reach MGMCL Managing Director Abu Daud Mohammad Fariduzzaman over phone for his comment on the issue but he did not respond.