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Jobseekers to pay more to apply for govt jobs

Staff Correspondent
26 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 26 Sep 2022 00:45:01
Jobseekers to pay more to apply for govt jobs

The government has increased the fees for applying for government jobs.

The new fees will be applicable for jobs at all ministries, divisions, departments, directorates, and autonomous bodies of the government, said a notification signed by Finance Division Deputy Secretary Mst Nargis Murshida on Thursday.

According to the notification, the fee would be Tk 600 for the job-seekers applying for job positions in the ninth grade or above (Non-cadre). It will be Tk 500 for the posts in the 10th grade, Tk 300 for the 11th to 12 grades, Tk 200 for the 13th to 16th grades, and Tk 100 for the 17th to 20th grades.

The application fee for jobs in ninth grade or above increased by Tk 100 to Tk 600. However, the application fee remained unchanged in grade 10 as the fee is Tk 500.

The application fee is charged separately for the 11th and 12th grades. Earlier, the fee for the grades from 11 to 16 was only Tk 100. As per the notification, the fee for the 11th and 12th grades has been fixed at Tk 300. Accordingly, the application fee has increased three times in these two grades.

Besides, the application fee for jobs in grades 13 to 16 was Tk 100 while the fee was only Tk 50 for grades 17 to 20. In both cases, the fee has been doubled to Tk 200 and Tk 100 respectively.

The fee can be realised through state-run mobile phone operator Teletalk for online application and a maximum of 10 per cent commission can be given to the carrier for the service.

If the application is not sought online, the fee would have to be accepted through banking challans. Autonomous bodies can receive the fee through bank drafts or pay orders.

Earlier, the autonomous institutes could decide their own application fees which, in most cases, remained higher than the government fee. Now they will also have to follow the prescribed fee.