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Resist ghosts of power usurpers: PM

UNB . Dhaka
28 Mar 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 27 Mar 2023 23:03:11
Resist ghosts of power usurpers: PM
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses a discussion of Awami League marking Independence Day at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka on Monday – BSS Photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday called upon the people to join forces with her party to resist the 'ghosts' of illegal power grabbers who want to foil the fruits of independence and the country's development spree.

"The independence of the country must not be allowed to fail. The illegal power grabbers who killed the Father of the Nation and their ghosts must be prevented from demolishing the independence of the people of Bangladesh," she said.

The prime minister was addressing a discussion organised by Awami League on the occasion of Independence and National Day at Bangabandhu International Conference Center here.

She said that Bangladesh has achieved remarkable development as democracy has been prevailing in the country since 2008.

"The world considers Bangladesh as the role model of development. From now on Bangladesh will not go backwards, it will move forward with an irresistible speed," she said.

Hasina, also the chief of ruling Awami League, said the country witnessed darkness for 29 years from 1975-1996 and 2001-2008.

"We have brought new light for the people of Bangladesh removing that dark clouds. Bangladesh is advancing and will continue its journey towards development and prosperity," she said.

She said that come what may Bangladesh will continue its journey towards the path of light.

She urged the Awami League activists and leaders to take forward the trust and confidence of the people in building the golden Bangladesh as dreamt by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

"Let's not be confused by anyone's false statement," she said.

She stated that she knows it very well that there are international powers who do not like the continuous democracy in Bangladesh.

"And there are some intellectuals of ours who do not like this at all. They think if any unusual government prevails in the country they will get importance as illegal power grabbers need some sticks like them. They are feeling hurt as they can't become that sticks (of the illegal power grabbers)," she said.

She said that these people are relentlessly tarnishing the good name of the country abroad. Some inside the country are writing rubbish saying that nothing good happened here, she added.

Hasina also highlighted distortion of history and destruction of the spirit of the war of liberation, arson terrorism, militancy, killing, looting, money laundering and corruption by Zia, Ershad and Khaleda Zia-led BNP-Jamat alliance across the country.

She said that all the governments after the August 15 carnage tried to protect the killers of the Father of the Nation and allowed to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Referring to 2008 elections, the premier said, her government has been able to establish Bangladesh as a developing country and its per capita income has risen to 2824 dollars, and annual budget to over Tk 6 lakh crore while Bangladesh has now become the 35th largest economy in the world.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has made Bangladesh self-reliant on food and there is no shortage of food in the country despite entire world is facing food crisis.

She mentioned that the government has constructed Padma bridge with country's own fund, introduced metro rail service in Dhaka, while the Bangabandhu Karnofuli Tunnel will be opened soon and construction works of Paira Deep Sea Port are progressing.

She vowed that none would be able to suppress the Bangalees anymore and reaching fruits of independence to every house of the country is the pledge of her government on this Independence Day.

The PM slammed BNP for calling movement in the month of Ramadan disregarding its sanctity and peace in public life.

She recalled that Khaleda Zia during her regime had killed 17 labourers in the month of Ramadan as they waged a movement for raising their salaries.

"Those who shot dead people in the month of Ramadan, how will they show respect to the holy month? So, they have called for a movement. They have no feeling for Ramadan and the sufferings of the people," she said.

She also said that her Awami League party has decided against holding any iftar party this Ramadan to save the money to buy food for the poor people.