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DGHS issues directives to reduce risk of heat stroke

UNB . Dhaka
23 Apr 2024 19:19:27 | Update: 23 Apr 2024 19:19:27
DGHS issues directives to reduce risk of heat stroke

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) on Tuesday issued some directives to reduce the risk of heat stroke in extreme heat.

According to the DGHS Facebook page, it asked people to refrain from severe heat and keep rest in sheds occasionally.

It also asks people to drink plenty of safe water (2.5 to 3 litres for adults) and avoid having street food and beverages to avoid waterborne diseases like hepatitis A, E and diarrhea, and asks people to take bath multiple times, if needed.

The DGHS asks to wear loose and light colour dress and avoid from deep colourful dress amid hot temperature, it also asks to go to the hospital immediately and consult a doctor if any symptoms like stop sweating, nausea, severe headache, and rises in body temperatures, urination decreases, urinary irritation, seizures and occurrence of fainting are found in a person.

It asks people to take medical treatments during extreme heat in any health issues like diabetics, kidney disease, high blood pressure and others. It also asks to take care of mental health and follow the directives and inspire others to follow it.

For health related issues, directed to call Health care service 16263.