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Evening charm of Bailey Road

Faria Hossain
05 Feb 2024 16:33:21 | Update: 05 Feb 2024 17:00:36
Evening charm of Bailey Road
— Courtesy Photo

In Dhaka city, every area has its own charm, even every lane has different stories. However, everyone is preoccupied with their schedules. Everywhere we look, whether it's a local tea shop, or a well-known restaurant, or a public space, we see people having a good time with their friends or family.

When the sun is almost ready to say ‘goodbye’, the charm of the bailey road says a ‘hello’ to the surroundings. Since then bailey road seems like a different world. Many food vendors start to arrange their food carts.

There is no one among Bengalis who does not adore Fuchka. Even thinking about it, our mind dives at the thought of something full of crunchy and crispy shells, topped with boiled and seasoned potatoes, sliced onions, coriander leaves, and chilly flex with the mighty tamarind sauce, which adds even more flavor to this much-loved regular snack.

More than 5 types of Fuchka are available in bailey road and each of them are a bit different from others. Some of them are spicier, some have different juices like coriander chutney or some of the juices are mixed with yoghurt which makes it fancier.

Kebab and chicken or beef chaap is the new attraction to the street food lovers. The smoky fragrance and the spicy texture is one of the most mouthwatering dishes. They serve it with a sauce which is a mixture of tomato sauce and mayonnaise. The soft-spicy peace of chaap or kebab and a piece of luchi can erase the troubles of an exhausting day.

Momo is a more recent addition to the usual street food menu, in a short period of time the steamed dumplings have captured hearts. These usually come with two sauces, mint and chilli, and they might be fantastic as an easy snack. The stuffing is basically made of chicken, onion, and chilies. Corn Dog, hotdog, waffle are also some new items to the street food list.

After having some spicy dishes, or on a hot summer day you will definitely find something to cool down yourself. There is some cart where you can find refreshing lemonade or fruit juice or a fancy milkshake which will complete your evening street food mission.

These are the things which make people of Bailey road and nearby a bit more interesting, a bit more refreshing and a bit more cheerful.

The author of this article is a graduate of ESS Department, BRAC University