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Humble 'panta bhat' now on MasterChef platter

13 Jul 2021 12:48:08 | Update: 13 Jul 2021 12:48:08
Humble 'panta bhat' now on MasterChef platter
Kishwar introduces Panta Bhaat MasterChef Australia. — UNB Photo

Bangladeshi expat Kishwar Chowdhury, who has made it to this season's MasterChef Australia, has stunned everyone yet again -- this time by serving the humble and traditional 'panta bhat' and 'aloo bhorta' in the grand finale episode of the celebrated show.

Currently fighting for the top position of MasterChef Australia Season 13 alongside Justin Narayan and Pete Campbell in the finale, Kishwar presented the most iconic Bangladeshi dish 'panta bhat' (smoked rice water) with 'aloo bhorta' (mashed potato) and sardine before the judges as her ultimate dish in the competition.

Sharing her cuisine selection, the 38-year-old wrote on her official page on Monday: “Smoked Rice Water -- This is my final dish for MasterChef 2021. The extraordinary chefs and mentors I met on my journey here, inspired me to research ancient techniques and reimagine dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.”

“Culinary genius @thehestonblumenthalteam had me thinking about the exciting concept of 'Smoked Water'. Meeting @scottpickettchef and finding out he has Charcoal Smoked Water on his menu, gave me the confidence to reach into my repertoire of dishes that people from my culture only serve at home.

So here is my last and final homage to a dish that deserves this stage. As Jock Zonfrillo put it, this food belongs here," Kishwar wrote.

Thanking the judges, she added, “It’s been an honour to be able to bring this food to the MasterChef Australia platform. Thank you @fooderati @andyallencooks and Jock Zonfrillo for teaching me to unapologetically do so.”

The official Facebook page of MasterChef Australia also shared the presentation of Kishwar and her quintessential Bengali dishes before the judges, where she said, "This is a dish that you wouldn't see in a restaurant anywhere. So it is scary but extremely rewarding to present this as a finale dish.”

Judges of Masterchef Australia Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen were extremely impressed with the dish, deeming it a "powerful dish with history and flavour".

Netizens have since been sharing this amazing presentation of Kishwar all over social media platforms.

The results of the finale will be revealed on July 13.