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Photos of teacher with student’s baby on lap at classroom go viral

UNB – Brahmanbaria
04 Oct 2021 17:45:00 | Update: 04 Oct 2021 17:45:00
Photos of teacher with student’s baby on lap at classroom go viral
A school teacher taking class with a baby on his lap. — UNB Photo

Some exceptional photos of a school teacher teaching in a classroom with a baby on his lap have recently gone viral on social media and sparked debate.

The incident took place at the Chinair Anjuman Ara High School in Brahmanbaria Sadar upazila where English teacher Pankaj Madhu was seen taking lessons holding a five-month-old child of a student on his lap.

Talking to the UNB correspondent, teacher Pankaj said a class IX student of the school was married off during the closure of the educational institutions due to the Covid pandemic.

“When the school reopened after the long closure we noticed the girl was absent. Later, we took initiative to bring back the dropped out student to school,” said Pankaj.

“We came to know that the student was married off and gave birth to a child when we went to visit her house and requested her family to send her back to school,” he said.

On Sunday, the girl came to her school with her child.

“As the school girl was facing problems attending the class, I took the baby on my lap and started teaching. I had no intention to make the photos viral,” said the teacher.

Many people on social media appreciated the teacher for helping the student by holding her child while some expressed concerned over the baby’s health and hygiene issues.

Many raised questions blaming the mother for taking her child to classroom.

Contacted, headmaster of the school Mosharref Hossain refused to make any comment over the issue.

Upazila Education officer Jiban Bhattachariya said the student should not take the child to school as the government did not make school attendance compulsory.