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Bogura-Sirajganj new railway track construction in the offing

BSS . Bogura
19 Mar 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 19 Mar 2023 00:16:01
Bogura-Sirajganj new railway track construction in the offing
Design formulation works of Bogura-Sirajganj new railway track are in the final stage–BSS Photo

Construction works of the long-cherished Bogura-Sirajganj direct rail track are expected to start by this year’s end as the land acquisition process has already begun.

The West Zone of Bangladesh Railway is scheduled to construct the dual gauge railway route aimed at easing communication between the two districts, a railway official here said.

The zone headquartered in Rajshahi has adopted a project titled "Construction of Dual Gauge Rail Line from Bogura to Shahid M Monsur Ali Station, Sirajganj of Bangladesh Railway" involving around Tk 5,500 crore.

Project Director Engineer Monirul Islam Firoji told BSS that the land acquisition process at both ends of the railway route began.

Simultaneously, the tender invitation process for the railway construction works is progressing. Design formulation works are in the final stage.

After completion of all the necessary procedures, including the land acquisition, the construction works are likely to start by this yearend or the initial stage of the next year, he added.

For the new railway route, 960 acres of land will be acquired in the two districts. Around 500 acres in Bogura part and 460 acres in Sirajganj portion.

Engineer Monirul Islam said the government has already allocated Tk 1,921 crore for land acquisition purposes.

In the initial stage, a dual gauge railway line from Bogura to Shaheed M Monsur Ali railway station in Sirajganj will be constructed under the project while a double line in the next.

Nine stations along the route, including the M Monsur Ali, Raipur, Nalka Krishnadia, Chandaikona, Raiganj, Sonka, Sherpur, Aria Bazar and Ranirhat stations, will be set up.

Under the project, a 72-kilometre railway track from Bogura railway line to M Monsur Ali station of Bangabandhu Bridge in Sirajganj and another 12-kilometre track from Kahalu station to Ranirhat in Bogura will be constructed.

The project also involves the construction of stations, platforms, bridges, an administrative facility and other related facilities, the installation of lighting, overhead sign structures and the laying of tracks.

Two important bridges on the Karatoa and Isamoti rivers and an overpass on Dhaka-Bogra highway will also be constructed with the installation of modern signalling and telecommunications, he said.

The physical execution of the project, once finalized, will involve the construction of a dual gauge main line and loop lines from Bogra to Sirajganj, as well as the construction of stations, platforms, bridges, an administrative facility, installation of lighting, overhead sign structures and the laying of track.

After completion, the project would establish a shorter Dual Gauge Link between the Western and Northern parts of Bangladesh and the Eastern and Southern parts of the country via the capital city of the country.

Upon successful implementation of the project by 2026, the distance between the northern districts and the capital Dhaka will be reduced by 112 kilometres besides ensuring easy communication between peoples of the Bogura and Sirajganj districts. Travel time will also be saved by three to four hours.

Engineer Monirul Islam said the project will infuse dynamism into trade, business and communication in the northern districts.

Agricultural products along with the products of small and medium industries could be transported from the districts to the capital Dhaka at cost-effective prices. As a whole, the economy of the districts will be bolstered.