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Bangladesh to launch e-passport services in Kuwait

Staff Correspondent
20 Mar 2023 09:44:28 | Update: 20 Mar 2023 09:58:10
Bangladesh to launch e-passport services in Kuwait
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Passport team members from Bangladesh are working to launch a 10-year e-passport service for Bangladeshi expatriates in Kuwait.

This e-passport service program will be inaugurated on Wednesday. Bangladesh Minister (Labour) and Chargé d'affaires Mohammad Abul Hossain confirmed the matter in Kuwait on Sunday.

The e-passports will have both 5-year and 10-year validity and Kuwaiti expatriates can pay different fixed fees to get any of them. MRP passports will be there as well, he added.

Badshah Mia, a Kuwaiti expatriate, said that according to the rules of Kuwait, the validity of the passport must be at least one year in order to apply for a visa.

“Our passports remain with the owner and are returned only before leaving the country or if there is an emergency. Because of this, many times we forgot the expiry date and had to pay a fine of two Kuwaiti dinars for every passing day. Kuwaiti expatriates will get rid of this suffering when the e-passport service is launched,” he added.