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BNP demonstrates in Dhaka, calls for boycotting polls

UNB . Dhaka
05 Jan 2024 17:29:39 | Update: 05 Jan 2024 17:36:55
BNP demonstrates in Dhaka, calls for boycotting polls
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The leaders and activists of BNP and its associate bodies brought out a procession carrying sticks in the capital on Friday morning demanding the government's resignation and cancelling Sunday's “one-party’ election.

They also called upon the people to boycott the election and not to go to the polling stations on January 7.

 The BNP leaders and followers took out the procession, led by party senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, in the city’s Karwanbazar area.

They chanted various slogans against what they said was an “unacceptable, farcical and dummy” election.

In a brief address after the procession, Rizvi said the government is trying to hold a unilateral election illegally by using the state machinery.

“The country’s people won't accept this 'illegal' election arranged by looters. We urge the people, including the leaders and workers of BNP and like-minded opposition parties, to boycott the dummy election,” he said.

He said their party is in favour of truth, justice, the freedom of expression and people’s voting rights while the ruling party is in favour of plundering, siphoning off money abroad and snatching people’s rights. “The victory is inevitable for those of us who stand for justice.”

Earlier on Thursday, the party announced the countrywide procession and mass contact programme for Friday in protest against the 12th parliamentary election.

The other like-minded opposition parties are also observing a similar programme today, just two days before the election day.

The opposition parties will also enforce a 48-hour nationwide hartal from Saturday morning, which includes the voting day, to protest the 12th parliamentary election.