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Book Fair draws huge crowd on Shaheed Dibosh

TBP Desk
21 Feb 2024 23:55:02 | Update: 22 Feb 2024 00:13:14
Book Fair draws huge crowd on Shaheed Dibosh
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The Amar Ekushey Book Fair was buzzing with a huge crowd as scores of people visited the fair on the occasion of the Shaheed Dibowh (Martyrs Day) and the International Mother Language Day.

Since the afternoon, each corner of the fairground were seen crowded as thousands of visitors of all ages, particularly the youth and children, flocked to different stalls and pavilions to find books of their favourite writers on the day, media reports say.

Many people visited the book fair with friends and families after paying respect to the martyrs of the Language Movement at the Central Shaheed Minar. The presence of children was remarkable since morning while the number of visitors of all ages increased in the afternoon.

Women of all ages showed up in traditional black and white sarees, while males arrived in Panjabi creating a festive mood on the public holiday.

However, many salespersons voiced disappointment due to low sales compared to the number of visitors, saying, “Today, there is a huge crowd here. But most of them have come just to visit the fair premises on this special occasion."

Sajib Hossen, a salesperson of Agami Prokashoni said: "Sale is comparatively better than the previous days but it's still not satisfactory. Though the crowd today is the largest in this year's book fair but the sales are the same as before because the influx of visitors has little effect on sales”.  

Most of the people were seen too busy taking pictures, he added.

“Most of the young visitors were seen to watch our pavilion, open books, take pictures and then leave. However, children's books are being sold a bit more today”, said Farhana Haque, corporate sales executive of Kathaprakash.

Kaniz Fatima, a Dhaka University student, said: "In the morning, I went to the Shaheed Minar like I did every year with my friends. Now I am visiting the book fair. It feels great to get all the books I was planning to buy."

Shamim Hossen, a banker who came to Shaheed Minar from Mirpur in the capital with his family, said, “I planned to go out with my family in the morning. The main purpose was to pay homage to Shaheed Minar. In the afternoon, after paying respects, I visit the book fair”.

Rabeya Boshri, a working woman, went to the book fair with his family and relatives.

"Usually, I don't get time to come out of my home. As today is a holiday, I got a chance to visit the fair with my family. I think we should encourage the younger generation to read and buy more books.

A total of 937 stalls have been allocated to 635 organisations in the book fair. The authorities have allotted 173 stalls to 120 organisations on the Bangla Academy ground and 764 stalls to 515 organisations at the Suhrawardy Udyan.

A total of 37 pavilions have also been allocated this year. Last year, a total of 901 stalls were allocated in favour of 601 organisations.

The book fair will remain open for all from 3pm to 9pm on working days and 11am to 9pm on public holidays with a one-hour break for lunch and prayers.