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BRTA helping auto-rickshaw owners exploit drivers: BALTWF

UNB . Dhaka
05 Dec 2022 19:21:15 | Update: 05 Dec 2022 19:21:15
BRTA helping auto-rickshaw owners exploit drivers: BALTWF
— UNB Photo

Leaders of the Bangladesh Auto-Rickshaw Light Vehicle Transport Workers Federation (BALTWF) have alleged that Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is helping auto-rickshaw owners exploit their drivers.

“BRTA is allowing CNG-run auto-rickshaw owners to realise excessive deposits from drivers against their vehicles in daily operation”, said Golam Faruk, general secretary of BALTWF while addressing a human-chain protest in front of Jatiya Press club on Monday.

He also alleged that by collecting excessive daily deposits, the owners are forcing the drivers to ask their passengers to pay more for the rides.

“Actually, the CNG-auto-rickshaw drivers are being used by owners as a tool to make their extra profits. The drivers are the victims of the vehicle owners’ greed,” he added.

The other leaders of the BALTWF alleged that the BRTA is not taking any action against such malpractices of the CNG auto-rickshaw owners.

Rather, BRTA is holding meeting with the representatives of some so-collard workers organisations which don’t have any legal registration with the Labour Directorate.

So, CNG auto-rickshaw drivers will never accept any decision of the meeting of BRTA where their true representation is not ensured, they said.

They also demanded that the government takes action against the owners for unauthorised fixation of daily deposits.

The protest programme, with Sikder Benezir Ahmed in the chair, was also addressed by
BALTWF leaders Rafiqul Islam, Joynul Abedin Shanto, Md Noab Ali and Selim Mahmud.