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New houses to rehabilitate 50,962 Rangpur families

BSS . Rangpur
10 Aug 2023 13:52:38 | Update: 10 Aug 2023 13:54:08
New houses to rehabilitate 50,962 Rangpur families
— BSS Photo

The new houses distributed so far as gifts from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina under Asrayan-2 project have evidently helped 50,962 resettled families to move ahead in rebuilding their life in the Rangpur division.

Apart from giving new houses, enabling a sense of self-dignity and a new hope to rebuild fortune, the Asrayan-2 project has brought back self-confidence to resettled families paving their way to achieve prosperity living in their own houses happily and peacefully.

Officials said the total number of houses provided in the division has increased to 50,962 with the distribution of 4,032 more houses as gifts from the Prime Minister under the project on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister started providing new houses with land ownership documents under the Asrayan-2 project marking the Mujib Year aiming to ensure abodes for forging a developed Bangladesh leaving no one behind.

Resettled people have started tree plantation, homestead gardening, vegetables and fruit farming, poultry, animal breeding and pisciculture for income generations and they are getting vocational education, health care, family planning and other facilities.

The rehabilitated people expressed endless pleasure and thanked the Prime Minister with emotional feelings for their gifts.

After getting new abodes on Wednesday, Harijan women Shumi and Ruma at the Harijan Polli Asrayan-2 project in Chilmari upazila of Kurigram expressed their happiness with heartfelt voices and tears of joy.

"People look at us a little differently, as if they hate us. I used to live a floating life with my family because I did not have a house to live in. I got a new house with land as a gift from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and now I am very happy," said Shumi.

Widow Nazira Bewa of village Bhangagora in Mornea union of Gangachara upazila in Rangpur said she regained a new life after spending her days in miseries on the lands of others for many years.

"Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina blessed me with a new house bringing back happiness in my life and giving me self-confidence and strength to lead a life with dignity at my own house," said Nazira.

Widow Aklima Begum of Kazipara area in Taraganj upazila of Rangpur said she had to live on the lands of others for the last two decades since her husband died leaving three daughters.

After getting a new house as a gift from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Kazipara Asrayan Project in the upazila, she is living with her two daughters in the new house as her elder daughter was married off earlier.

"I will pray throughout my lifetime to Almighty Allah for a long life with sound health and continuous success of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in bringing smiles to the poor," she said.

Widow Nur Banu of Saddyapuskorini area in Rangpur Sadar upazila said she got a meaningful life to realise her dream of living in peace after getting a house with land ownership documents from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Three completely blind brothers, Shah Alam, Saidul Islam and Mamun Mian, sons of blind man Abdul Kader Mian of village Narsingha in Pirgachha upazila of Rangpur got new houses as gifts from PM Sheikh Hasina.

"Our poor mother gave birth to us and another kind-hearted mother, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has given us houses making our lives meaningful and giving new strength and honor to lead lives with dignity," said Saidul Islam.

Resettled young couple Mahmuda Akhter and Sheikh Farid of village Paschim Boragari in Domar upazila of Nilphamari expressed deep gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for gifting a gift house to them a couple of years ago in the Mujib Year.

"Now, our dream has come true after getting the gift house from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. I pray to Almighty Allah for her long life with sound health. The house has erased our frustration," said a smiling Mahmuda.

Divisional Commissioner Md Habibur Rahman said the climate-resilient colorful houses have been built under Asrayan-2 project, one of the Prime Minister's 10 special initiatives, ensuring quality of works.

"The local government departments are providing training and support to resettled families to make them self-reliant through actionable employment in building a smart and developed Bangladesh leaving no one behind," Rahman said.