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Dhaka-bound travellers see smooth return

Staff Correspondent
21 Jun 2024 21:07:39 | Update: 21 Jun 2024 23:13:17
Dhaka-bound travellers see smooth return
— Photo shows Dhaka residents, at the Kamalapur Railway Station on Friday, returni

Following the Eid-ul-Azha holidays, residents are returning to Dhaka to resume work, having celebrated the joyous occasion of Eid with their families. While the current passenger flow is noticeably smoother compared to previous seasons, authorities anticipate a potential increase in traveller numbers on Friday.

Field observations indicate a mixed trend among city dwellers returning to Dhaka: some are arriving alone, while others are accompanied by their families. Passengers have expressed satisfaction with the train services, reporting no disruptions to the schedule on their return journey. Meanwhile, pressure has significantly intensified at Gabtoli, Mohakhali, and Sayedabad bus terminals.

Congestion is not limited to the roads, as Sadarghat is also experiencing substantial overcrowding.

At the Kamalapur Railway Station, Ibrahim Khalil, a returnee from Rajshahi, said that he did not have to endure much suffering this year, saying, "There was no need to worry about tickets. I got the ticket online. Moreover, there were no incidents like the train schedule disasters. All in all, this train journey has been good."

Government, semi-government, autonomous, and semi-autonomous institutions resumed operations on Wednesday following the Eid holiday, prompting many to return to Dhaka. Those who extended their holiday to encompass six consecutive days are most likely scheduled to return to the capital city on Thursday.

Starting Wednesday, government offices have adopted a new schedule, operating from 9 am to 5 pm. Earlier, from November 15, 2022, all government and autonomous offices were operating from 9 am to 4 pm.

Passengers reported reduced pressure as many workers leave their families in village homes and return alone, allowing them to head back to work with relief.

Saikat Hossain, who arrived at Gabtoli Bus Terminal from Kushtia, said, "I came to Dhaka without any suffering. There was no traffic jam even at the Daulatdia ferry wharf."

A CNG driver named Kausar said, "Until recently, there was no significant passenger pressure. However, starting today, I noticed an increase as I have been getting fares from Gabtoli to various destinations across Dhaka since this morning."

Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of Muslims, was celebrated across the country last Monday, making June 13 the last working day for government officials before Eid and a five-day holiday started on June 14.