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East Coast Group’s Omera Solar installs 462.44 KW rooftop solar system

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10 Nov 2020 23:59:24 | Update: 11 Nov 2020 00:19:01
East Coast Group’s Omera Solar installs 462.44 KW rooftop solar system
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Omera Solar, a subsidiary of the country's business conglomerate East Coast Group, has installed a rooftop solar system for producing  462.44 kilowatt of electricity for the country's renowned garment industry Fakir Fashion Ltd in its Rupganj factory.
Officials said the installation will fulfill the 12,000-strong factory's energy need to a great extent from the renewable energy source, according to a press release.

Fakir Fashion's Managing Director Fakir K Nahid officially inaugurated the rooftop solar system in its factory at Rupganj in Narayangaj district on Monday evening.

Fakir Fashion's CEO and Head of Business, Abdullah Al Maher, CFO Shaheduzzaman Choudhury, East Coast Group's CEO Masudur Rahim and its Senior Manager Sakib Hasan Khan and representatives from Dutch Bangla Bank, among others, were present

During the opening ceremony global brands from Europe and the United States, including H and M, C and A and Inditex, sent congratulatory messages to Fakir Fashion for adopting green technology for producing electricity.

Managing Director Fakir K Nahid said his company is committed to produce electricity from renewable sources to reduce production cost and save the environment.

Nahid said global brands were also encouraging garment factories to reduce carbon emission adding that his company wants to increase the production up to 2 (two) megawatt from the current 462.44 kilowatt in near future if the outcome from the current project becomes satisfactory.

CEO Abdullah Al Maher said Fakir Fashion is encouraging other industries to go for renewable energy by adopting green technology for electricity production.
He said the current 462-KW project will reduce the carbon emission greatly and it is equivalent to planting 15,345 trees a year.

"This is the responsibility of all of us to save Mother Nature from the adverse impact of climate change. Fakir Fashion cannot stay behind. We will continue our efforts to do so," he said.

East Coast Group's CEO Masudur Rahim said Omera Solar has a target to produce at least 50 megawatt of electricity from rooftop solar systems for the country's industries by 2021-22 fiscal year.

Omera Solar has already signed MoUs with several companies to reach the target and more companies are showing interest, he said.

"We have a dedicated team of Bangladeshis to achieve this target. My company has partnerships with global manufacturers for solar system while Omera has its own factory for making solar panels in Dhaka's Ashulia area," he said.