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Gold prices approaching Tk1 lakh per bhori

Price goes up again within 8 days to Tk99,144 per bhori
Staff Correspondent
01 Apr 2023 18:31:48 | Update: 02 Apr 2023 00:07:54
Gold prices approaching Tk1 lakh per bhori
— Representational Image/Shamsul Haque Ripon

The price of gold is close to hitting Tk 1 lakh per bhori, a record hike in the rate of this precious metal in Bangladesh.  Jewellers hiked gold prices by Tk 1,516 per bhori on Saturday, only 8 days after they increased it by Tk 1,166 per bhori.

The new price will be effective from Sunday, read a press release of Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS). The hike came as the price of gold went up in the bullion market, added the notification on Saturday,

The association fixed the new price of gold to reflect this change. Following the latest hike, 22 carat gold will cost Tk 99,144 per bhori, an increase from the existing Tk 97,627 per bhori.

Besides, the price of gold per 21 carat has been increased by Tk 1,458 to Tk 94,653. The price of 18 carat gold rose by Tk 1,225 to Tk 81,123, and the traditional gold price has been increased by Tk 150 to Tk 67,593.

The price of 21 carat gold was Tk 93,195 per bhori before the increase on Saturday, and 18 carat gold was priced at Tk 79,898 per bhori.

Gold prices were reduced by Tk 1,166 per bhori on March 22, and the new rate was set to be effective from March 23, morning. But on 23 March, the price of gold increased again by the same amount.

On 18 March, the association hiked the prices of the precious metal to a record high of Tk 98,760 a bhori, following an increase of Tk 7,705 per bhori.

Previously, on 29 December, the BAJUS had increased the price of gold to Tk 88,413 per bhori, which was increased further to Tk 90,248 on January 7.