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IHSB hosts Math & Biochemistry Olympiad, STEM Fest

Staff Correspondent
17 Feb 2024 19:12:19 | Update: 17 Feb 2024 19:13:24
IHSB hosts Math & Biochemistry Olympiad, STEM Fest
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A two day long Math and Biochemistry Olympiad, and Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Fest ended on Saturday with the massive participation with a display of academic prowess and scientific ingenuity.

Organised by student-governed clubs of International Hope School Bangladesh (IHSB) Hopians Math, Programming & Robotics Club (HMPRC), IHSB STEM Club, and IHSB NASA Rover Team, these events showcased the dedication and talent of students from various educational backgrounds, read a press release.

— Courtesy Photo

A total of 50 famous schools of the capital participated in this science festival while around 1,500 students displayed 115 science projects.

The organisers said that the modern technology-rich projects in this festival with biochemistry, robotics, materials, chemistry and other science-related topics have introduced the students' scientific mindset and scientific thinking.

Dhaka 18 Constituency Member of Parliament Khosru Chowdhury was present as the chief guest in this festival while Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology Department of NorthSouth University Abdul Khaleque and Pro-Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh Branch of UCSI University of Malaysia Prof. Dat'r Mohammad Saleh Jafaar were present as special guests. Roksana Jerin, Principal of International Hope School delivered welcome speech.

Member of Parliament Khosru Chowdhury commented that such an arrangement will take Bangladesh further in science practice. He also expressed hope that through these science-oriented students, Bangladesh will be able to achieve a position of glory in the world.

Principal of IHSB Roksana Jerin said," From the very beginning, students were very interested in this science festival. Through such competitions, students are proving their skills in science and modern technology."

"Many of the participants of STEM Fest in the past few years have won second place in the international competition in Dubai. This is a great achievement for us. This time again, the students participating in this competition will gain a lot of reputation at the international level," he said.

On the second day of the festival (February 17) various stalls were opened in the school grounds from 10am. Each stall had a variety of science-related exhibits.

The Math Olympiad, one of the highlights of the two-day extravaganza, attracted an impressive cohort of 900 participants. With challenges designed to test mathematical acumen and problem-solving skills, contestants engaged in intense competition, striving to outshine their peers and claim top honors. From complex equations to intricate geometric puzzles, the Math Olympiad pushed participants to their intellectual limits, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and academic excellence.

Simultaneously, the Biochemistry Olympiad, another cornerstone of the event, drew nearly 500 aspiring scientists and researchers. Participants delved into the fascinating world of biochemical phenomena, exploring topics ranging from enzymatic reactions to molecular structures.

Through a series of rigorous assessments and practical tasks, competitors demonstrated their understanding of biochemical principles, showcasing their potential as future leaders in the field of life sciences.

Complementing the Olympiads was the IHSB STEM Fest, a vibrant celebration of innovation and creativity. Featuring a diverse array of 100 projects and miniature metro-rail, the fest provided a platform for students to showcase their scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and engineering marvels.

From robotics demonstrations to sustainable energy solutions, each project reflected the passion and ingenuity of its creators, inspiring attendees and judges alike.