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Nasrul Hamid launches advanced tech at Bibiyana plant

UNB . Dhaka
22 Feb 2024 15:57:38 | Update: 22 Feb 2024 15:57:38
Nasrul Hamid launches advanced tech at Bibiyana plant
— UNB Photo

State Minister for Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid has visited the Chevron Bangladesh-operated Bibiyana Gas Plant.

Chevron Bangladesh's leadership, including Managing Director and President Eric M. Walker, Director of Corporate Affairs Muhammad Imrul Kabir, and Bibiyana Gas Plant Superintendent Carl Bourque, warmly received the state minister.

The highlight of the visit was the inauguration of the Bibiyana Optimization Project, marked by the unveiling of a commemorative stone plaque.

This project introduces a Turbo Expander and a Booster Compressor to the plant, innovations aimed at maximizing gas and condensate production while extending the life of the gas reserve.

The state minister lauded the Bibiyana Optimization Project as a testament to the strong partnership between the government of Bangladesh, Petrobangla, and Chevron Bangladesh.

He emphasized its role in enhancing the production capacity and efficiency of the Bibiyana gas field, the country's highest-producing gas field, which reflects a shared commitment to meeting Bangladesh's growing energy needs.

The visit also provided an opportunity for the state minister to tour the gas plant's process facilities, further highlighting the technological advancements and operational excellence at Bibiyana.

In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude towards Chevron Bangladesh for its remarkable achievements and ongoing endeavours that leverage the energy sector's promising potential and opportunities.

Accompanying the state minister were notable figures including Amatul Kibria Keya Chowdhury MP; Zanendra Nath Sarker, Chairman of Petrobangla; Zilufa Sultana, District Commissioner of Habiganj, among other high officials from Petrobangla, Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (BAPEX), and the Energy and Mineral Resources Division.

Chevron, a global leader in the energy industry, plays a pivotal role in Bangladesh's natural gas sector. Chevron Bangladesh is the largest producer of natural gas in the country, contributing to approximately 60 per cent of the total domestic natural gas production and over 80 per cent of domestic condensate production.