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New School Dhaka organises colourful Pitha Parban

Staff Correspondent
12 Feb 2024 20:32:51 | Update: 12 Feb 2024 21:16:31
New School Dhaka organises colourful Pitha Parban
— Courtesy Photo

“Pitha Parban” In the bone-chilling grip of winter, Dhaka transforms into an enchanting realm where the aroma of freshlymade pithas dances through the air. In the heart of January, when the biting cold wind silenced all but the longing whispers of our taste buds, The New School Dhaka transformed into a mystical wonderland known as “Pitha Parban”.

From the moment one stepped foot onto the premises, it was as though we were magically transported to a charming Bengali village immersed in rich traditions and captivating folklore. Every corner was adorned with vibrant hues, drawing one closer to the enchantment that awaited within.

— Courtesy Photo

With a joyful and lively atmosphere- teachers, students, and community members came together to celebrate this traditional Bengali festival. The school's courtyard transformed into a beaming hub of colours and tantalizing aromas as countless varieties of pithas were prepared by each stall and each corner offered a mesmerizing display of artistic talent.

From classic favourites like patishapta and bhapa pitha to modern twists like chocolate-filled pithas, there was something for everyone's palate! The melodious tunes of traditional music filled the air, adding to the festive ambiance. One couldn't help but indulge in a warm cup of milk tea while exploring the stalls – it’s comforting taste perfectly complemented the delightful array of delicacies on offer.

The energy was infectious as people joyfully indulged in tasting various pithas, each telling its own unique story through intricate flavours and textures! Amidst all the excitement, everyone captured the perfect moments with friends and family so the images could be etched in their hearts forever.

“Pitha Parban” at The New School Dhaka exceeded expectations and left everyone yearning for more and it was apparent that it had become a big festival of culinary bliss, an unquestionable success for NSD's yearly tradition!