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Onion, potato prices climb higher

Rokon Uddin
27 Oct 2023 00:47:35 | Update: 27 Oct 2023 00:47:35
Onion, potato prices climb higher

The government had set maximum rates for a number of essential commodities such as potatoes and onions in a bid to rein in the market, but instead of decreasing, these item prices have gone up by Tk 5 – Tk 20 per kilogram since last week.

A number of traders say neighbouring India is observing a holiday, and onion imports through the land port have stopped for now. This is why the prices of onions have gone up in the domestic market.

They further claimed that many vegetables, including potatoes, have gone out of season. So their low supply has affected prices.

A spot visit to a number of kitchen markets across Dhaka show that retail traders are selling imported onions for Tk 90 – Tk 100 per kg on Thursday, an increase from Tk 90 – Tk 100 per kg a recorded week ago.

Local onions are being sold for Tk 100 – Tk 110 per kg at retail, which was Tk 80 – Tk 100 a week ago. It should be noted that the government had fixed the price of onions at Tk 64 – Tk 65 per kg last month.

Md Usuf, an onion retailer at Shantinagar kitchen market, said, “At the beginning of this month, onion import and potato cultivation were disrupted due to heavy rain. After that, due to the closure of the port, onions have not been imported for the past one week.

“So the price has increased by Tk 20 per kg. I am optimistic that the price will come down again when the import resumes.”

The government had set the potato prices at Tk 35 – Tk 36 per kg at retail. The price of this kitchen essential has gone up by Tk 5 per kg in a week, hitting Tk 50 – Tk 55 per kg in the city’s markets on Thursday.  

Maximum egg prices were set at Tk 48 per hali (four pieces), but it has remained at Tk 50 – Tk 55 per hali for the last couple of weeks.

Industry insiders however say that the egg prices will come down soon as poultry farmers have decided to implement the government-set price of Tk 44 per hali.

The prices of most vegetables, including eggplant, okra, beans, have gone up. The prices of green chilies and ginger have decreased slightly since last week.

Green chilies are being sold for Tk 160 – Tk 200 per kg on Thursday, compared to Tk 200 – Tk 240 per kg a week ago. Ginger is being sold for Tk 280 – Tk 300 per kg, which was Tk 420 – Tk 450 per kg a week ago.

The price of edible oil has decreased by Tk 5 per litre.

Loose soybean oil is currently being sold for Tk 150 – Tk 160 per litre, compared to Tk 155 – Tk 160 per litre a week ago. Bottled soybean oil is now being sold for Tk 168 – Tk n170 per litre, which was Tk 168 – Tk 174 per litre, show Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) data.

Prices of all kinds of meat, sugar, lentil and rice have remained stable since last week.

The miniket variety of rice is being sold for Tk 68 – Tk 70 per kg, nazirshail for Tk 78 – Tk 80 per kg, paijam for Tk 55 – Tk 56 per kg.

The government fixed rate of sugar is Tk 135 – Tk 140 per kg, and it is being sold for Tk 130 – Tk 135 per kg. Lentil is being sold for Tk 105 – Tk 140 per kg, depending on quality. Flour prices remained stable since last week, and the commodity is being sold for Tk 45 – Tk 60 per kg.