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Onion price remains high despite import surge

Rokon Uddin
05 Oct 2023 22:20:48 | Update: 05 Oct 2023 22:30:54
Onion price remains high despite import surge

To rein in the price of onion, large-scale imports from various countries, including India, started four months ago. Despite imports, the price of onion has not decreased in the country’s retail market.

All types of imported and domestic onions are now being sold at Tk 80-95 per kg in the capital’s retail markets. Onion was selling at this price even before imports.

Besides, the prices of some vegetables, including green chilli, brinjal and pointed gourd have increased by Tk 10-40 per kg in the last one week.

In addition, almost all essentials, including potato, farm chicken and egg, are sold at previous increased prices. Even though the government has decided to import egg and potato, it has no positive impact on the retail market.

The government fixed the prices of six products, but traders are not selling them at government-fixed rates. Despite drives in the market, the new rates are not being implemented.

Traders said due to torrential rains, early harvest of onion and potato in the country is being disrupted. The supply of these products has decreased slightly, which has put an impact on wholesale and retail prices.

The government fixed the price of potato at Tk 35-36 per kg but it was retailing at Tk 45-50 in the capital’s kitchen markets, including Segunbagicha and Maniknagar, on Thursday.

The price of egg was fixed at Tk 48 each hali (4 pieces). Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) says that eggs are being sold at Tk 48-50 per hali.

Broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 180-190 per kg, which is the same as last week.

The price of local and imported onion has increased further by Tk 5-10 per kg. Onion is now being sold in the retail market at Tk 80-95 per kg, up by Tk 20 than fixed price.

The price of green chilli increased by Tk 40 per kg within one week and it is being sold at Tk 200-240 per kg, which was sold at Tk 160-200 per kg one week ago.

Besides, prices of various vegetables including brinjal, okra and pointed gourd increased by Tk 10 per kg and those are being sold at Tk 50-70 per kg. Many vegetables are being sold at more than Tk 70 per kg.

Prices of rice, flour, edible oil, lentil, fish and meat remained stable.  Miniket rice is being sold at Tk 68-70, flour at Tk 45-60, lentil at Tk 105-140 and sugar at Tk 135-140 per kg.

Hilsa is being sold at Tk 1,300-1,800 per kg, while rui and katla fish at Tk 300-650 and pangash at Tk 200-220 per kg.