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Onion prices cooling down in Faridpur markets

UNB . Faridpur
11 Dec 2023 14:43:41 | Update: 11 Dec 2023 20:10:11
Onion prices cooling down in Faridpur markets
— TBP File Photo

In Faridpur, one of the highest onion-producing districts, markets are witnessing a drop in onion prices with the arrival of the new harvest. Upon visiting various markets in Faridpur town and surrounding areas, the UNB correspondent reported that the new onion crop is priced between Tk120 and 130 per kg, compared to Tk160 to 170 for the older stock.

Retailers noted a drop of Tk30 to 40 per kg for new onions and Tk 20 to 30 for old ones. Just days earlier, new onions were selling at Tk145 to 150 per kg, while the older stock fetched around Tk200 per kg.

Anowar Hossain, an official from the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in Sadar upazila, explained that onion harvesting was initially delayed due to waterlogging caused by cyclone Michaung. However, farmers have now partially resumed harvesting as the water recedes.

Hossain also accused unscrupulous businessmen of manipulating onion prices following the export ban from neighbouring India.

Rafiqul Islam, Deputy Director of the district’s DAE, informed that Faridpur primarily produces three onion varieties: winter Murikta, and summer Hali and Dana, with Murikta being the most widely cultivated. This season, Murikta onions were planted on approximately 5,500 hectares, aiming for a production of one lakh metric tonnes.