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Police shot dead Bangladeshi student in Boston

Staff Correspondent
05 Jan 2023 18:58:32 | Update: 05 Jan 2023 22:16:39
Police shot dead Bangladeshi student in Boston
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A 20-year-old Bangladeshi student of University of Massachusetts Amherst was fatally shot dead by police in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US on Wednesday.

Sayed Faisal, the only child of the family, is accused of refusing to put down a large knife, Middlesex County District Attorney's Office told the CNBC News.

Police say they were called to the area of Chestnut and Sidney streets to investigate a report of a man who appeared to be in distress. During the confrontation, a Cambridge Police officer shot the man, the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office said.

While the Attorney’s office initially said the man, identified Wednesday night as 20-year-old Sayed Faisal, was armed with a machete, prosecutors later described the item as a 12-inch knife, which he allegedly refused to put down.

Authorities say Faisal led the officers on a chase multiple blocks through the neighbourhood and, allegedly advancing on police with the weapon.

"In an attempt to deescalate the situation, one of the officers discharged a less-than-lethal sponge round," Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said. "That round was unsuccessful in stopping Mr Faisal and he continued to advance to the officers."

An officer then fired his gun. Faisal was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

"Somebody in the office said they heard shots," said Renee, a woman who declined to use her last name when speaking to NBC10 Boston.

"We came outside and saw somebody running down that way with a bunch of cops behind him. He was barefoot, shirtless, and he had a book in his hand."

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Association of New England (BANE) strongly condemned the brutal killing saying, this is not acceptable in any meaning. The association members will meet Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqi to look for explanation.

Calling upon the Bangladeshis staying in the territory, a Facebook post read, “We are organising a protest on Friday in front of Cambridge City Hall at 1pm. Please join the protest. We need to bring justice for this young brother.”