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Seasonal Boro supply up, rice prices cooling down

Prices of sugar and broiler chicken has decreased after Eid
Rokon Uddin
02 May 2024 21:51:24 | Update: 02 May 2024 22:18:33
Seasonal Boro supply up, rice prices cooling down
A man rests on grain sacks in a shop in Dhaka – AFP File Photo

The supply of new season Boro paddy is increasing in the market, so the prices of some varieties of rice are declining as a result. Prices of rice varieties including Miniket and Zeerashail have decreased by Tk 2 – Tk 4 per kg.

Retailers however said rice prices are not decreasing at the rate expected amid a full Boro season. The price of rice is decreasing very slowly. They fear that the market prices will not decrease after the government purchase of paddy and rice begins from next May 7.

Meanwhile, after the end of Eid-ul-Fitr, the shopping pressure has reduced and the prices of some products including sugar, broiler chicken and egg have decreased. The price of these products has decreased by Tk 5 – Tk 15 per kg or dozen.

However, many traders claim that the ongoing heatwave is largely responsible for the decline in broiler chicken prices.

Rampura, Malibagh, Segunbagicha and other markets of the capital were selling Miniket, Zeerashail and similar quality rice at Tk 66 – Tk 72 per kg, which was being sold at Tk 70 – Tk 74 per kg a week ago.

However, the prices of other varieties of Boro season rice, including BR28, BR29 and Nazirshail have not decreased yet.

Md Mohsin, the owner of Comilla Rice Agency in Rampura rice market, said, “From Boro season rice, only miniket and zeera varieties of rice have arrived in the market. Their prices have come down to Tk 200 per bag (50 kg) at millgate.

BR28 and BR29 may start arriving from next week, and then their prices will also come down.

BR28 and BR29 rice was sold at Tk 54 – Tk 57 per kg in the markets of the capital on Thursday. Besides, paizam was sold at Tk 53 – Tk 56 per kg.

The government will start buying paddy for the current Boro season from May 7 and it will continue till August 31. This year, the government will buy 5 lakh tonnes of paddy from farmers at the rate of Tk 32 per kg.

Many traders said the prices will not decrease further once the government procurement starts. Because this year, the government has increased the purchase price of paddy and rice by Tk 2 – Tk 3 per kg.

The prices of various products including sugar, eggs and broiler chickens have come down in the kitchen markets across the capital, which saw a sudden increase in prices before Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Sugar was selling for Tk 125 – Tk 135 per kg in various kitchen markets including Shantinagar and Segunbagicha in the capital on Thursday, which was sold at Tk 135 – Tk 140 per kg after Eid till last week.

Besides, broiler chickens were being sold for Tk 185 – Tk 200 per kg on Thursday, compared to Tk 200 – Tk 210 per kg till last week. Farm chicken eggs were selling for Tk 120 – Tk 130 per dozen, which was Tk 130 – TK 135 per dozen last week.

Noor-E-Alam, an egg and chicken seller in the capital’s Segunbagicha market, said, “Many farmers are selling chicken and eggs quickly even though they are incurring losses due to the ongoing heatwave in many farms.

“As a result, the supply of these products in the market has increased suddenly, and the prices have decreased. At the end of summer, the prices may suddenly increase again. Many farms will not have enough chickens and eggs at that time, and this may reduce supply.”