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Ship carrying RNPP machinery docks at Mongla

Our Correspondent . Mongla
03 Oct 2023 21:09:18 | Update: 04 Oct 2023 02:27:54
Ship carrying RNPP machinery docks at Mongla
Russian flagship MV Yamal Orlan docks at Mongla Port with 2,121 tonnes of machinery for RNPP on Tuesday - TBP Photo

The Russian flagship MV Yamal Orlan reached Mongla Port in Khulna on Tuesday with the equipment of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) under construction in Pabna.

The foreign commercial ship carrying 2,121 tonnes of goods for the under-construction power plant docked at the port's 8th jetty at noon. Unloading of cargo from the ship, which contained 668 packages, began in the afternoon of the same day.

Asish Kumar Saha, manager of the local shipping agent Messers Inter Port Shipping Agency Limited in Khulna, said that MV Yamal Orlan left the port of St. Petersburg, Russia, on August 31, for Mongla Port with 2,121 tonnes of machinery for RNPP.

Most of the unloaded goods will be transported by road, while some will be transported by river to the RNPP depot. Previously, MV Sapodila arrived at Mongla Port on September 16 with goods for the power plant.

Rear Admiral M. Irshad Ali, chairman of the Mongla Port Authority, said that work on the most important development projects of the current government is progressing at a rapid pace. Machinery and equipment for various development projects under construction in the country are being unloaded through Mongla Port after being brought in by foreign ships.

Importers, exporters, and users are becoming more interested in using Mongla Port as the port's capacity has increased severalfold over the past few years.

The port's chief executive officer further said that an inner bar dredging project is underway to achieve a CD of 8.5 metres in the inner bar of the port channel to increase the arrival and departure of foreign commercial ships. This will make it possible to handle ships with a draft of 10 meters at the jetty in Mongla Port.