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Trading at Hili resumes

UNB . Dinajpur
05 Jun 2023 19:22:47 | Update: 05 Jun 2023 19:31:31
Trading at Hili resumes
— UNB Photo

Trade activities between Bangladesh and India through the Hili landport in Dinajpur district resumed on Monday as the Indian truckers withdrew their strike and started entering Bangladesh with goods-laden trucks.

The Indian truckers started to enter the Bangladesh land port at 5 pm following a fruitful discussion between the business organisations of the two countries.

Earlier, a meeting was held between the leaders of business organisations of the two countries at the zero point of the bordering area around 1:30 pm, said President of C&F Association of Hili landport, Abdur Rahman Liton.

During the meeting, the authorities concerned of Bangladesh have assured the Indian truckers to take steps about their demand of keeping a shop inside the port for purchasing daily essentials.

The Indian truckers also demanded to allow them to move into the locality outside the Hili port for two hours but the meeting assured them of considering the issue following discussion.

Hakimpur upazila Parishad Chairman and also the president of Bangladesh Hili Import export Association, Harun-or-Rashid, Liton, Ashok Joardar, president of Indian Hili Exporter Association, its vice-president Alauddin Mandal and leaders of Indian Truck Organisation and representatives were present at the meeting.

Business activities between Bangladesh and India through Hili land port in the border district of Dinajpur remained suspended since Sunday morning due to the sudden strike enforced by Indian truckers following an alleged attack on them by Bangladeshis for an attempt to intrude into locality. 

Hundreds of trucks loaded with goods including perishable items got stuck on the Indian side due to the sudden strike.

Harun-ur Rashid, a leader of Hili based import-export organisation, said security guards of private operator ‘Panama Land Port’ barred some Indian truck drivers from entering locality violating rules enforced by business organisations from the both countries.

The truckers allegedly locked into altercations with the security guards over the matter and subsequently a chaos broke out among them, he said.

Enraged by it, the drivers parked their vehicles randomly on the road in the port area and at one stage they were harassed physically by locals, he added.