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Of Catkin and commerce

Pleasure seekers subscribe to autumnal beauty for pastimes

Tasrifa Trisha
20 Oct 2021 00:00:00 | Update: 20 Oct 2021 02:13:49
Pleasure seekers subscribe to autumnal beauty for pastimes
Dhaka’s Sarighat is quite popular among enthusiastic visitors seeking to experience the serene beauty of Kashful. The place also offers a touch of exquisite greenery and the opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends – Shamsul Haque Ripon

The hustle and bustle in city, the 24/7 hectic work day and the breakneck competition to make life – all that wrap around modern living in the metropolis Dhaka.

Yet, the blossoming nature beats everything that comes in its way through hypnotic magnificence, soothing hardcore practical frame of mind with love and compassion as evident in close connection with the breezy state of Catkins.

Long recognised as the cherry blossom for autumn, Catkin adorns the environs with its seductive delicacy as well as enthralling the onlookers who find it hard to resist their penchant for relishing the splendor.

Not just the beauty alone, the slim, cylindrical flower cluster has turned out to be a source of living for a host of individuals who are cashing in on its fluorescence.

Photographers and event management team select Catkin gardens for their photo shoots, thereby eking out their living.

Besides, wedding and post-wedding photography are frequented in such natural vicinities largely available at Aftabnagar, Diabari at Uttara, and Purbachal Expressway in the capital.

Besides, the spike garden is also at hand in Bashundhara River View Project under South Keraniganj in Dhaka.   

The middle month of summer and winter, autumn brings joy as well as creativity that finds an outlet through recreational activities paving the way for economic mobility for entertainment professionals.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to take beautiful photographs with a view to posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

YouTubers upload videos of different sorts cast in Catkin bushes, filmmakers ransack this natural surrounding while taking film shots and holidaymakers approach such lawn with their family and friends for recreation.

With all these, a recreational and an entertainment economy based on this special topography is on the horizon.

A YouTuber Rasel Ahmed who loves to introduce himself as Rasel the Viper said: “I have come to visit Diabari with my friends with the purpose of shooting a video for uploading to my YouTube channel. The combination of beautiful clouds and the Catkins is so charming and irresistible.”

Like Rasel, other Tiktokers and social media celebrities pay visit to such spots in the city to enjoy the beauty of nature, plus showcase the marvelous scenes of Bangladesh in national and international arenas through virtual platforms.

On weekends, the scenic flower spots witness people of all ages with friends and families to overcome the boredom of daily life.

And with them come many hawkers and street food vendors who cash in on the situation.

Talking to the owners of popped-up eateries, it was known that they make a good profit on the holidays.

“We look to the weekends and expect a crowd of visitors. The more the visitors, the more our profit,” one of them said.

According to the wedding photographers, the appearance of Catkin that lasts only two months suggests something special for them particularly when it comes to making money.

“I have already scheduled six bridal photo shoots at Aftabnagar during this Catkin period,” said Sajal Halder, a wedding photographer.

Newly married couples love to book appointments to have photographs along with Catkins to make their special moments significant.

“The white colour combination of clouds and flowers make nature celestial, but it is a matter of regret that we can’t capture the beauty in a moonlit night because muggers are always on the prowl,” Sajal pointed out, suggesting that the administration should take necessary steps in this regard.

Asked about it, Badda Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abul Kalam Azad said there are no specific Catkin spots for visitors at Aftabnagar; some flowers of this species have grown naturally on the plots owned by the real estate developers.

“People come to visit these places for merriments. Our forces always keep patrolling here and are very serious about security issues,” said the lawman.

The cleaners of Dhaka South City Corporation and locals, however, complain that people come to enjoy the beauty of nature but they rip up flowers and packets of chips and throw them away littering the roads.

“The visitors should be more responsible towards nature,” they said.