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Join fight against single-use plastic, pollution: ESDO

Staff Correspondent
08 Jun 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 07 Jun 2023 23:01:56
Join fight against single-use plastic, pollution: ESDO
ESDO officials pose for a group photo at the organisation’s 33rd founding anniversary celebration programme in Dhaka on Tuesday– Courtesy Photo

The Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) has called for initiatives to fight against plastic contamination and single-use plastic pollution while observing its 33rd founding anniversary.

The leading NGO on pollution study observed the day on Tuesday by organising awareness programmes and a get-together of environmentalists.

“We should take the initiative to fight against plastic contamination in order to create a better future by promoting awareness among all parties involved to adopt sustainable practices and deny single-use plastic,” said Syed Marghub Murshed, the ESDO chairperson and a former secretary of the Bangladesh government.

The founding of ESDO in 1990 is a testament to the commitment to creating a sustainable future for the planet. ESDO has made a lot of progress over the years when it comes to advocating for environmental protection, encouraging sustainable practices, and increasing awareness of the difficulties the global community faces, he said in a statement issued on the occasion.

ESDO Secretary General Dr Shahriar Hossain said, “Our 33rd ESDO Day is an important occurrence for us as an entity and for anybody who has faith in the power of collective effort. We encourage individuals, communities and groups to join us in recognising this achievement and contribute to the cause of environmental sustainability.”

The organisation’s Executive Director Siddika Sultana invited all stakeholders to come forward, saying, “We, as a team, can construct a greener, healthier and more sustainable future for the next generations.”

Attending Tuesday’s event as the chief guest, Habibun Nahar, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, said, “We can together tackle plastic pollution and motivate the youth to get involved in a campaign to keep single-use plastic away. We stand behind ESDO’s astounding activities regarding environmental preservation and are grateful for these tremendous activities.”

ESDO is a non-profit organisation that focuses on research to support environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation and social justice. It has been striving since 1990 to bring environmental issues to light and develop effective methods for preserving the planet. ESDO led the movement of enacting the law banning plastic shopping bags in Bangladesh, the first of its kind in the world.