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Dropping IQ levels in Bangladesh alarmingly

Jannatul Naym Pieal
19 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 19 Sep 2022 12:46:37
Dropping IQ levels in Bangladesh alarmingly

Bangladeshis have a lower IQ than citizens of most other South Asian countries, according to the World Population Review’s Average IQ by Country 2022.

But that is hardly news, is it?

The lack of intelligence in average Bangladeshis is so evident that the so-called news cannot even spring the slightest of surprises in one’s mind.

If you still have any doubt, just go through the comment section of any public post of Bangladeshi celebrities or news outlets, and you will never underestimate the “power of Bangladeshi common people” ever again.

Whereas an IQ score of 85 to 115 is considered a normal IQ level, the average IQ of Bangladeshis clocks at 74.33 points. Overall Bangladesh proudly stands 150th on the global list, while all other South Asian countries, barring Nepal, are ahead of us.

The only piece of information that could be considered surprising to the group of sceptics is that Myanmar holds the highest ranking (52nd) in this region, with a score of 91.18. Yes, the same Myanmar, from where originated our most favourite slang, “Rohingya”.

People of Bhutan and Sri Lanka also possess a “normal IQ level”, their score being in the north of 85.

But irrespective of my initial attempt at the not-so-subtle satire which fell flat on its face, why Bangladesh’s low standing should not seem surprising at all?

For the scores in general reflect the quality of education and resources available to people in their local geographic region.

And given the current scenario of Bangladesh’s educational sphere, which is more concerned about the length of women’s dresses in public places and the “rubbishes” Sigmund Freud theorised, one simply cannot expect a better outcome.

But there is more to the story. Areas of the world with lower IQ scores are typically poorer and less developed, particularly in the area of education.

Now that is a ‘meh’ moment for all the government-backed (or should I say “government-based”?) shenanigans who cannot stop playing with themselves over the fact that Bangladesh is fast speeding to make the highway of development their second Padma Bridge, with their GDP second only to India in South Asia.

Who cares about education, when there are bigger and better things like the economy?

Then again, how can a country, that has the second best GDP in the region, have the second worst IQ level in the same given area?

The resemblance is so uncanny that one cannot pass it as a mere coincidence. It must be a conspiracy by the “many expatriate and immigrant Bangladeshis who remained engaged in negative campaigns against the Bangladesh government”.

In order to combat this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be supplied with good columnists with high IQ as soon as possible, so that they could counter negative campaigns against the country on the verge of an imminent national election.

And if such good columnists with high IQ are really found in the country, that would be like killing two birds with one stone.

This writer would like to apply for the job.


The writer is a freelance columnist