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Kobe beef, a luxurious gourmet food item

03 Oct 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 02 Oct 2022 22:34:32
Kobe beef, a luxurious gourmet food item

Kobe Beef is instantly recognized throughout the world as an icon of Japan and as one of the culinary world’s most precious and luxurious gourmet food items. Simply put, Kobe Beef is Japan’s most luxurious food.

The aura surrounding Kobe Beef stems from its meticulously controlled quality standards and zealously guarded distribution. The Kobe Beef Association exerts control over every aspect of its creation.

Every cut of certified Kobe Beef originates from 12 ‘super father’ Tajima bulls who are chosen by the Hyogo government, and whose offspring are raised by a handful of farmers within an officially designated geographic region. The best of these offspring, which are rated A4 or A5 by sanctioned auctioneers, receive the Japanese chrysanthemum “Nojigiku-han” mark — a symbol of authenticity.

The Kobe Beef Association qualifies and hand-approves auctioneers, distributors and retailers, including Crowd Cow, to sell this small amount of luxurious beef.

The tightly-controlled regional farmers and processors that handle Kobe Beef produce only 5,500 qualifying head of cattle per year, only 10% of which are made available for export overseas. If you would like to try the one and only Kobe Beef, there are only 37 restaurants in the U.S. that are licensed to serve it. Thanks to our nomination and acceptance into Japan’s exclusive certification program with the Kobe Beef Association earlier this year — which builds upon our years of work with Japan’s top Wagyu regions, including Kagawa Olive Wagyu, Kagoshima A5 Wagyu, Iwate-gyu and others.

Officially qualify as “Kobe Beef”, the cattle must be graded through a meticulous 8-point certification process. Cattle must be of the Tajima bloodline (a subset of the Kuroge Washu breed); be born and raised in Hyogo prefecture by farmers who are nominated and accepted into the Kobe Beef association; be professionally rated by member organization inspectors; and must achieve at least an A4 or A5 score for meat and marbling quality.

Kobe Beef is as much an experience as it is a meal. We suggest sharing this singularly outstanding food with others, and to experience each the delicate, umami-packed bite one person at a time. Simply grill each strip on a stainless steel pan using high heat and without any oil, searing the outside until a crust forms and cooking just enough to melt the interior fats. A pinch of fine sea salt is recommended to bring out Kobe Beef’s natural flavours.


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