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Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway can ease traffic congestion

Kamal Uddin Mazumder
07 Dec 2022 00:02:19 | Update: 07 Dec 2022 00:02:19
Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway can ease traffic congestion

Everyone is aware of the traffic congestion in the city of Dhaka and other divisional offices. The best example of these situations is the hourly gridlock on the roads and highways, particularly in megacities like Dhaka and other divisional headquarters. Festivals bring about a worsening of this problem. The Mayor Hanif Flyover, the Mogbazar-Mouchak Flyover, and other flyovers that the government built are helping to reduce traffic in the city. The government has launched yet another ambitious program and forward-thinking plan to build elevated expressways in urban areas, which will mark a significant development in the communication industries. Among all of them, the Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway is one of them. It will be implemented to reduce future traffic congestion and communication challenges on the highways.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated the construction work of Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway. Recently, she attended the function organized at the construction yard near Ashulia Bazar in Savar from Ganobhaban and addressed the inauguration ceremony. She also urged the countrymen to make proper preparations so that famine does not occur in the country in the future due to global recession. Responding to the criticism of various parties on the foreign exchange reserve, the Prime Minister said that her government has not wasted a single penny from the reserve, but has used that money for the benefit of the country and the people.

Reminder, the Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway construction project was approved by the government in 2017 with a target of implementation by June 2022. However, the period expires before the work starts. Therefore, the project has been revised and extended for another four years, and the target of implementation has been set in June 2026. The construction cost of the project will be 17 thousand 535 crores. Dhaka-Ashulia Expressway will be the capital’s second elevated expressway. The first is Dhaka Elevated Expressway from Airport to Jatrabari.

According to the design, these two elevated expressways will come together at the airport. If it is launched, the vehicles traveling between the northern and southern parts of the country will not have to face the traffic jams of Dhaka. Two expressways can be used to quickly move from one end of the capital to the other. The Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway project will be built in the G-to-G method with the loan of China’s Exim Bank. The loan amount is 10 thousand 950 crores. The construction of the Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway was delayed by five years due to the loan agreement not being completed on time. If this project is implemented Savar will be connected with Dhaka metropolis in a real sense. Commuting from one end of the capital to the other will be easier.

The recent developments in communication systems or infrastructure have given new life to the country’s economy. Due to the Padma Bridge, the activities of Mongla and Payra ports are increasing rapidly. Industrialization of the South created new possibilities. The work of laying railway line through Padma Bridge to Jashore is progressing rapidly. Once this is done, it will take less than half the time for goods to reach Dhaka from Benapole land port. The development of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway has greatly reduced the delivery time of goods at the Chittagong port. In order to realize the dream that we are seeing to develop Bangladesh into a developed country, we have to focus more on the development of communication system.

Already, two lanes of Dhaka-bound traffic have been opened from Tongi to Uttara on the 20.50 km long Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project from Dhaka to Gazipur. Due to this project, people traveling on this road have suffered a lot. Still suffering. Despite that, there was a lot of praise on the faces of the vehicle drivers for being able to move quickly in the two lanes that were opened. It is known that the entire project will be inaugurated in the month of June. Metro rail passenger transport from Uttara to Agargaon may start soon after Victory Day. The country’s first tunnel under the Karnaphuli River may be launched in the first part of January. We are moving.

Like developed countries, people of Bangladesh will ride the metro rail. A few days ago, it was a dream. But the Hasina government is going to make that dream a reality. The construction of Metrorail Route-6 from Uttara Diabari to Pallabi-Rokeya Sarani-Farmgate-Shahbagh-TSC-Doel Chatwar-Topkhana Road-Motijheel to Kamalapur is in final stage. There will be 16 stations on this route. Trial movement has already started. Metrorail will start passenger transport on this route in December 2022. Along with Metrorail Route-6, two more routes are under construction. Among them, Metrorail Route-1 from Airport via Badda-Rampura to Kamalapur and second part from Khilkhet to Purbachal.

Besides, the route of Metrorail-5 has been finalized to increase the East-West connectivity of Dhaka city. There are two parts to this route. Northern part from Gabtali to Hemayetpur to Bhatara and Southern part from Gabtali to Hatirjheel to Aftabnagar Balurpar. When these metro rail constructions are completed, the traffic jam in Dhaka city will be removed, the journey will be safe and comfortable.

As part of increasing the quality and scope of passenger and cargo handling capacity of the country’s international airports, construction of a third terminal is underway at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The construction of a world-class airport near the sea has started to highlight the tourism industry of Cox’s Bazar to the world.

And the development of the country’s infrastructure under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is truly incredible. It will also accelerate the development of the country. The amazing development of the communication sector will change the fortunes of the people of the country and keep the foundation of the overall economy stronger and more stable.

To maximize economic gains from the same plots and locations, they are using more airspace. They accomplish their goals and could serve as role models for other developing nations in South Asia and other regions of the world. Bangladesh is a landlocked nation with a high population density. We should make the most of the land we have available for communication and for the smooth movement of people and vehicles. This major elevated expressway project is intended to benefit the people and the country in the long run.

The writer is a freelance columnist. He can be contacted at [email protected]