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15-17 security men to guard every polling station

TBP Desk
22 Dec 2023 21:23:50 | Update: 22 Dec 2023 22:05:43
15-17 security men to guard every polling station
File photo of Bangladesh Army personnel in a military vehicle driving through a street adorned with election posters near a polling station in Dhaka on December 30, 2018 — AFP Photo

A team of 15-17 security members will be posted at each polling station in the 300 constituencies throughout the country in the 12th parliamentary elections slated for January 7.

According to a notification issued by the Election Commission on Thursday, tighter security would be taken for vulnerable polling stations, reports UNB.

There are some 42,000 polling stations throughout the country and a total of 11,96,91,633 voters will have rights to cast their votes in the 12th general election.

The commission designed separate security plans for the polling stations located outside the metropolitan area and the stations located inside the metropolitan areas.

Outside the metropolitan areas, a team of 15-16 security personnel including two police with arms, one Ansar with arms, one Ansar with arms or stick, 10 Ansar with sticks, one or two village police members with sticks will protect each normal polling station.

But in case of each important polling station (which is considered as vulnerable stations), there will be a team of 16-17 security men including three policemen with arms.

Inside the metropolitan area, a 15-member security team consisting of three police members with arms, one Ansar with arms, another Ansar with arms or stick and 10 others Ansar members with sticks will ensure security for each polling station.

But in case of an important polling station, a 16-member security team will guard it and the number of police members with arms would be four instead of three.

The structure of the security team for special areas - Chittagong Hill Tracts and hard-to-reach areas-would be the same as was taken for other rural places outside the metropolitan areas.

The law enforcement agency members will remain deployed for five days (including travelling time) from two days before the balloting and they will stay there till a day after the voting.

Besides, the members of armed forces, BGB, Coast Guard, RAB, police, Armed Police and Ansar Battalion will be deployed in the election areas as mobile teams and striking forces. They will be engaged in election duty for 13 days (including their traveling time) from December 29, 2023 to January 10, 2024.

Moreover, a good number of judicial magistrates and executive magistrates are there deployed in the election areas to check violation of election code of conduct.

Out of 44 registered political parties, 27 parties are contesting in the election, while BNP and some others are boycotting the polls demanding the election under a neutral government.

A total of 1,895 contenders are running in the parliamentary election. The candidates are now carrying out electioneering and they can continue the electoral campaign till January 5 (8am), 48 hours before the balloting, which will continue from 8am to 4pm without any recess on January 7.