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Mayor-elect Zayeda vows to repay Gazipur people’s debt

Our Correspondent . Gazipur
26 May 2023 18:41:19 | Update: 26 May 2023 18:47:38
Mayor-elect Zayeda vows to repay Gazipur people’s debt
— Courtesy/Dainik Amader Shomoy

Gazipur City Corporation's newly elected Mayor Zayeda Khatun, mother of former mayor Zahangir Alam, who clinched victory in the mayoral race, on Friday said she would repay the debt of Gazipur people by working for them.

“I want to complete the works that my son started when he was mayor,” she told journalists at her residence in Chandana following the announcement of the election results.

He also said that she contested the election to demonstrate her son's honesty and counter the notion of his removal through conspiracy.

"By securing victory in the election, the truth has been revealed, and along with me, the people of Gazipur have also emerged victorious," she added.

She expressed her gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and acknowledged the proper conduct of the voting process saying, "The people of Gazipur voted for me, and I am indebted to them. My son will be by my side, and together, we will complete his unfinished tasks."

When asked if she would seek advice from her rival candidate Azmat Ullah Khan, Zayeda Khatun responded: "If necessary, I will involve him. I cannot work alone. I will work with everyone's advice and cooperation."

Zahangir Alam expressed his commitment to working with his mother as she assumes the role of mayor.

Zahangir also expressed his intention to collaborate with Azmat Ullah Khan, addressing him as an elder brother. He emphasised his vision of transforming Gazipur into a beautiful, modern city, working in unison with the elected candidates, local leaders and activists.