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Struggle and hard work brought me here: Barsha

Staff Correspondent
08 Jun 2021 13:59:55 | Update: 08 Jun 2021 14:58:03
Struggle and hard work brought me here: Barsha
Afiea Nusrat Barsha. —Collected Photo

Behind every successful life story, there is much hardship that is not always visible. Life is about transforming those struggles into something positive.

Afiea Nusrat Barsha, the wife of industrialist-actor Ananta Jalil and a popular actress in her own right, carries one such story of struggle. However, she is not the kind to ignore the pains of her past, rather she embraces them, proudly wears them like armour.

In a recent programme on a commercial TV channel titled 'Otopor Ami', Barsha revealed many of her past stories that were unknown to her audience.

Barsha comes from a very ordinary family in Sirajganj. Her childhood was full of hardships. She often had nothing in her house for breakfast. She had to go to school on an empty stomach. She never forgot those days of hardship.

“People often forget their past after attaining a prestigious position in society, which I feel is not the right thing to do," she said on the programme.

When she was a child, a student of class three, she fainted in school due to hunger, Barsha remembered with teary eyes, as there was no food in her house for breakfast.

After the incident, a teacher took Barsha to her home and fed her khichuri-egg, continued an emotional Barsha.

"I was highly interested in films from childhood. I used to go to a neighbour's house to watch movies every Friday, although it was forbidden by my mother," Barsha said.

However, she was lucky that she had been loved by the people she met in life, especially by her teachers in her childhood, Barsha reminisced gleefully.

"In high school, teachers used to offer me male characters to play in the annual cultural programme," she said.

When asked if she would want to go back to her childhood, she said, "To be honest, I would not want to go back. It brings back my memories of the hardships I faced."

However, Barsha said she misses the freedom she enjoyed before becoming famous. She misses eating Fuchka and Chotpoti with her friends near Dhanmondi Lake, sitting beside the river and talking to them. Fame has taken that freedom from her.

"One should not forget his/her past which many of us do. I have come here after a long struggle and hard work, my position today could be an inspiration to others," she said.

Barsha also shared the stories of how her film career began and how she got married. Her husband Ananta Jalil accompanied her in the TV programme.

Barsha's career in showbiz began with modelling in magazines. She made her acting debut in the movie 'Khonj-The Search', with Ananta Jalil as her co-star.

Ananta-Barsha duo has performed in many other movies. They fell in love and got married on September 23, 2011, she said adding they are a happy couple with two children.

Barsha is currently busy working on a movie "Netri-The Leader". Besides, her movie 'Din-The Day' is awaiting release. It was a Bangladesh-Iran joint production.