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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Vegetable, meat prices stable in Dhaka’s kitchen markets

Abdullah Al Masum
18 Jun 2021 19:03:26 | Update: 18 Jun 2021 19:06:21
Vegetable, meat prices stable in Dhaka’s kitchen markets
A vendor is waiting for customers, displaying variety of vegetables in the capital’s Kaptan Bazar kitchen market on Friday. — Collected Photo

The prices of vegetable, chicken and beef have remained stable in the capital’s kitchen markets over the past two weeks.

“We have not raised the prices of vegetables for the last two weeks as supply has been stable,” said Mohammad Monjur Alam, a retailer at Shukrabad kitchen market.

At Karwan Bazar, Shukrabad and Raja Bazar kitchen markets, potato was being sold at Tk 20-25, cucumber at Tk 40-45 pumpkin at Tk 40, green banana (four pieces) at Tk 25, medium-sized pointed gourd at Tk 40 per kg, long bean at Tk 60, brinjal at Tk 40, tomato at Tk 45-50, green papaya at Tk 40, radish at Tk 40 and green chili at Tk 50 per kg.

Soya bean oil was being sold at the new rate. A one-litre bottle cost Tk 153, a two-litre bottle’s price was Tk 308 and a five-litre bottle was being sold at Tk 728.

But some shopkeepers are selling soya bean oil as per previous rate at Tk 140-142 per litre, a two-litre bottle at Tk 270 and a five-litre bottle Tk 670. They said they were selling at previous rates as they had enough old stocks.

Besides, sugar was selling at Tk 70, lentils of different variety between Tk 80 and Tk 120, onion at Tk 50 to Tk 55 and unpacked flour at Tk 30 per kg and packed flour at Tk 35 per kg.

Broiler chicken was being sold at Tk 135 to Tk 140 per kg, layer and sonali chicken were selling at Tk 230 and Tk 240 on the one hand. On the other hand, red meat was selling at Tk 580 to Tk 600 and mutton at Tk 850 to Tk 880 per kg.

The prices of fish also remained low in different kitchen markets in the capital.

Mohammad Solimullah, a fish trader at Karwan Bazar, said, “The supply of fish is abundant as monsoon is in progress. So, the prices are down.”

Different varieties of fish were selling at relatively lower prices. A kg of medium sized shrimp was selling at Tk 400 per kg, katla at Tk 220, catfish at Tk 350, tilapia at Tk 130, and ruhita at Tk 200, among others.