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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Lockdown just ‘eyewash’: BNP

22 Jun 2021 20:02:14 | Update: 22 Jun 2021 20:02:14
Lockdown just ‘eyewash’: BNP

Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Tuesday alleged that the government is deceiving the people of the country in the name of lockdown.

"It's not (lockdown) workable. There’s a lockdown in Dhaka officially. Do you see the lockdown anywhere? I can't see the lockdown anywhere,” BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told reports at a press conference in the capital.

Fakhrul said people are moving here and there as they wish amid the lockdown. “I saw the day before yesterday a marriage ceremony being held at a hotel, though it’s banned. The government is completely reluctant about it. They’re deceiving people in the name of lockdown -- just eyewash.”

BNP arranged the press conference at the party chairperson’s Gulshan office to disclose the outcome of its standing committee meeting held on Saturday.

Fakhrul said the members of law enforcement agencies are supposed to enforce the lockdown, but they have no visible role in this regard.

He alleged that the government has been demonstrating its failures in containing the virus from the very beginning.

The BNP leader said though their party and experts gave the government some specific suggestions to control the virus outbreak, it did not act accordingly.

He said their party standing committee urged the government to lay out a roadmap for the collection and distribution of Covid vaccines. “People want to know what steps the government is taking to deal with the Covid situation.”

Fakhrul accused the government of hatching a conspiracy with its move to shift the national identification card service to the Home Ministry from the Election Commission.

“It’s an ill-motivated step. We condemn such a move and urge the government to stay away from it.”
He said the NID service should remain under the Election Commission since it has a relation with elections.

Referring to UNCTAD report, Fakhrul said foreign direct investment in Bangladesh has declined by about 11 per cent in 2020 for lack of an investment-friendly atmosphere due to “corruption, extortion and misrule”.

He said the pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh has huge potential for manufacturing Covid vaccines, but the government is not interested in it.

“We think all necessary steps should be taken immediately to produce vaccines in Bangladesh and create a proper atmosphere for increasing foreign investment.”

The BNP leader voiced concerns over the recent rise in the price of edible oil by Tk 38 per litre in the last six months, causing unbearable sufferings to ordinary and unemployed people.

“The Commerce Minister has said there’s no possibility of reducing the oil price. It can’t be accepted in any way. The minister should resign shouldering the responsibility for the government's failure to control the prices of essential commodities,” he said.