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Saturday, October 23, 2021

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‘Vistula 1st Polish Film Festival Bangladesh 2021’ set to start today

Staff Correspondent
22 Sep 2021 00:54:54 | Update: 22 Sep 2021 00:54:54
‘Vistula 1st Polish Film Festival Bangladesh 2021’ set to start today

With the slogan ‘Stride towards versatility’, ‘Vistula 1st Polish Film Festival Bangladesh 2021’ is set to start today. The five-day film festival is organised by WSPIERAM Foundation in association with International Academy of Film and Media (IAFM) and supported by Polish Film Institute, said a press release. 

Bangladeshi film-enthusiasts and film-lovers will have the opportunity to watch films and enjoy the festival free of cost at Mojeekino (, starting today to September 26. Ten Polish films will be screened at the festival in the categories of Feature, Shorts, Documentary and Contemporary Films.  

In addition, there will be scope to attend masterclasses, lecture sessions and cine talks on Polish cinemas by internationally-acclaimed film intellectuals. The academic session will be comprised of masterclasses titled ‘Cinematography: Women Behind the Camera’ by Polish female cinematographer Weronika Bilska along with another lecture titled ‘Introduction of Polish Cinema’ by Professor Sanjay Mukhopadhyay, writer, teacher, critic and theorists of India. 

The inauguration ceremony will take place at 7 pm today on IAFM’s official Facebook page. 

On behalf of IAFM, filmmaker Anarya Murshid said, “The inauguration of the festival will be held in the presence of the Executive Director of IAFM, Bibesh Roy; coordinator of Polish Vistula Film Festival, Roksana Pietruczanis; public relation officer of Polish Vistula Film Festival, Marlena Ochońska and renowned film producer, distributor and chairperson of IAFM, Mirza Abdul Khalek.” 

This online event is open for all while the event details are available on IAFM’s official Facebook page (