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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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E-com firms want to regain customers’ confidence: Speakers

Staff Correspondent
12 Oct 2021 17:50:32 | Update: 12 Oct 2021 18:21:53
E-com firms want to regain customers’ confidence: Speakers
Attendants of launching event on e-commerce awareness campaign. — Courtesy Photo

Speakers at an e-commerce awareness campaign said the sector is aiming to bring back customers’ confidence by providing safe and secure services.

E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) and 20 online companies on Tuesday jointly launched the awareness campaign titled ‘Shopping will be online knowingly’ to convey a positive message about the sector.

Admitting that the sector is losing its credibility due to some bad actors, Shomi Kaiser, president of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh said, “We want to bring real e-commerce entrepreneurs to the forefront and not leave no space for any bad players or business strategies.”

"E-Cab is working with the government on several issues in this regard, she said adding that membership of several organizations has been suspended and other accused organizations are under surveillance, she added.

Abdul Wahed Tomal, general secretary of E-Cab said, “We are trying to launch an integrated grievance management service.”

“Access to Information (a2i) is cooperating in this, and the problem will be greatly reduced if buyers, consumers and government agencies cooperate in this matter,” he said.

Fahim Mashroor, CEO of Ajker Deal and Bdjobs, said, “Most e-commerce companies are providing good services, and this is the reason why this sector is developing. A few bad apples can’t bring bad names to the whole business.”

Zia Ashraf, Founder and COO of Chaldal, said, “To invest in an e-commerce company, one has to look at the company’s documents and invest based on bilateral terms and conditions.”