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Emon prefers strong storyline

Shakirul Islam
29 Nov 2021 00:00:00 | Update: 29 Nov 2021 21:46:53
Emon prefers strong storyline
Photo taken from Emon's Facebook profile

Dhallywood actor Mamnun Emon recently returned to Dhaka after shooting for a track from his upcoming film ‘Birotto’ co-starring former Miss World Bangladesh finalist Nishat Nawar Salwa.

In a conversation with The Business Post on Sunday, Emon opened up about ‘Birotto’ and his other forthcoming films. “‘Birotto’ is one of the stories I liked. We shoot it mostly in Rajbari, Goaland and Daulatdia. It has a big ensemble of cast. We went to Sylhet to shoot for a song for ‘Birotto’. It is a pure romantic song in the voice of Imran Mahmudul and Badhon Sarker Puja,” he said.

Talking about his character in ‘Birotto’, Emon said that he will be seen in a strong character with many dimensions in the film. The character works for many social issues in a community and perform his duties as a physician at the same time. “In the story, the doctor is much popular among the community and they share everything with him. The doctor has to go through various difficulties, as the story unfolds”.


The actor shared that Nishat Nawar Salwa, as a newcomer, has tried her best while working on ‘Birotto. “If she remains consistent, she will to do well in future. She has the dedication to film,” he said.

“’Birotto’ can be classified as an emotional social drama. The story is filled with dramatic events. It has thrill, action and emotion,” added the actor.

Emon further said that he now looks for stronger stories when it comes to pick up a project.

“As an actor, I am now more sincere about the character. So, my efforts are on to bring something different for the characters I get to play,” he said.

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“Now I can reject offers within a short time which I could not do before. Acting for a film was like a big deal for me in the past. I now put emphasis on picking the right offer and reject those I do not like. Now I am more into story-based films,” added Emon.

“If I talk about my upcoming film ‘Akbar: Once Upon a Time in Dhaka’. It is one of my preferred stories. Its shooting got halted for the Covid-19 and will be resume soon. If I talk about ‘Kagoj, The Paper’, where I am playing the role of an author, it has many components. It is a wonderful story. I am playing very different characters in ‘Birotto’ and ‘Kanamachi’ as well.”

“I believe, if the characters can be reshaped as much as possible, the audience will way more love it. The audience now prefers the story than any time in the past. It will be very difficult to sustain if we don’t give priority on story,” said Emon.